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Topper Cold Foam - Coldfoam Coco Strong

Dimensions70 x 190 CM

Topper Cold Foam - Coldfoam Coco Strong HR50

We could all use some extra sleeping comfort. A good night's sleep is essential to be able to tackle it all again the next day! So good for your mood and your health.

A lot of effort? No! The solution is within reach: get a good topper on top of your mattress. Because in addition to a high-quality cold foam mattress, a topper offers a little more sleeping comfort for heavy sleepers. A topper also protects the underlying mattress. This way it will last a lot longer!

Furthermore, a mattress topper is lighter and easier to turn: a lot more practical. Saves you having to fuss with a large, heavy mattress. And what about that gap between two adjacent mattresses? With a topper you won't see or feel any of that anymore.

Topper Cold Foam - Coldfoam Coco Strong HR50: both firm and cooling!

The Cold Foam Topper is a 5 centimeter high topper for heavy sleepers who like a very hard sleeping surface. It consists of HR50 Foam: the hardest cold foam available. This helps to strengthen the sleeping surface by providing a lot of resilience. And extra nice: this topper therefore prevents pit formation! Your body weight is distributed over the surface by the sturdy material, which is perfect if you are a heavy sleeper. A hard mattress topper is therefore ideal for sleepers weighing 120 to 150 kilos.

In addition to 3 centimeters of foam, the topper also contains one centimeter of coconut fibers. These provide even more strength, so you no longer wake up with back pain. Isn't that nice! The combination of materials provides pressure relief and thus offers 100% support. But also for warm, summer nights, a Topper Cold Foam - Coldfoam Coco Strong HR50 is an excellent choice thanks to its coconut fibers! Coconut fibers have the natural ability to repel bacteria and at the same time provide extra ventilation. This way your body gets sufficient cooling, no matter how hot it is!

The perfect sustainable topper

The antibacterial effect of coconut fibers makes the material hypoallergenic. So even if you suffer from allergies, you will be able to sleep worry-free on this top mattress. Also, a major advantage of coconut fiber toppers and mattresses is that the entire process of making the products is environmentally friendly. This means they can be seen as one of the most durable mattresses and toppers!

This topper lasts longer thanks to its good quality. No substitute raw materials are used, which means the original quality of coconut fibers is retained! A topper made of cold foam with an extra long lifespan. In the meantime, you only need to wash the Topper Cold Foam - Coldfoam Coco Strong HR50 very little. Coconut fibers hardly absorb stains and odors, so it is sufficient to freshen up the quilted washable cover a few times in the washing machine!

Perfecthomeshop: the best choice for you!

And, are you ready for a good night's sleep? Then you are in good hands with us. Our goal is to make everyone sleep comfortably. We especially like to make it easy for you! This way you can spend more time with the people you love. We always think about your wishes when making our products. We understand what you need to turn your house into a real home. And that makes all our top products accessible to everyone!

We use the finest materials and ensure that we keep it affordable. We are convinced that 'doing what is right' does not have to be expensive at all. In short: we do everything we can to provide you with a good night's sleep on sturdy, cooling and durable mattresses. So that generations after you can still enjoy it!

Technical data:

Comfort: 3 cm HR50 foam with extra layer of coconut fibers

Strength: Equipped with a 1 cm layer of coconut fibers for sleepers from 120 to 150 KG

Including antibacterial OEKO-TEX mattress cover: 80% cotton, 20% polyester, zip-off and washable

Recommended user weight : 120 to 150 kg

Cold foam Cocostrong mattress top thickness : 5 cm

Please note: All mattresses and toppers are delivered vacuum-packed. As a result, it takes 72 hours for a mattress to return to its original shape. So you cannot sleep on it for the first 72 hours!

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