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Memory foam mattress

Dimensions70 x 190 CM

Memory Foam Mattress - a mattress for all seasons

Finally a mattress for all seasons! With the Memory Foam Mattress you can enjoy endless nights' sleep - sleep like a baby on a unique reversible mattress with different properties on both sleeping sides. The MemoryRelax© has been developed for the coldest winters and warmest summers. The pocket springs with 7 comfort zones shape themselves to the body and adapt to movements.

Wonderful night's sleep

Ah, that wonderful feeling when you lie down at night, tired, sleepy, ready to go to dreamland... but your bed refuses to cooperate! Are you tormented every night by a lot of tossing and turning? Then this is the time to say goodbye to your old mattress and enjoy the MemoryRelax© mattress. This means sleepless nights are a thing of the past. Our Memory Foam Mattress, made of high-quality materials, helps you relax faster and fall asleep more easily. Snooze like a pro! We're sure you'll want to stay in bed an hour longer every morning.

For all seasons

A mattress is usually too warm in the summer or too cold in the winter - depending on the material you sleep on. Why can't it be both? We use the natural properties of the different materials - The material (comfort foam) on one side provides a cooler feeling during the night, the material memory foam) on the other hand provides a warmer feeling during the night. The final verdict is simple - one mattress that is suitable in both warm and cold seasons. The MemoryRelax©:

Memory foam

1 side of the mattress has a layer of memory foam. Memory foam (also known as Memory foam or NASA foam) is a material that molds to the body and adapts to the heat of your body. The body is partially enclosed by the memory foam. You sink into it a bit, as it were, and this reduces pressure on painful joints and muscles. This offers a warm and cozy feeling.

Comfort foam

1 side is covered with comfort foam. Comfort foam has an open cell structure, which provides optimal ventilation. The foam feels cool and the open cell structure allows good air flow. No sweat and craving for some fresh air in the middle of the night. During the change of seasons you immediately feel when the temperature is no longer optimal. You then turn your MemoryRelax© mattress over in 1 second and you immediately have the solution. Perfect, right?

7 Zones pocket spring

The core of the mattress consists of independently operating pocket springs that ensure that the entire body has good support while sleeping. The independent pocket spring responds directly to your body, so you don't feel any pressure while sleeping. Your partner's nocturnal movements are neutralized. Just a restful night and happy, relaxing mornings with a big smile on your face.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Sleep well in all seasons - enjoy a 2 in 1 mattress.
  • Made with a thick layer of memory foam on one side and comfort foam on the other.
  • Choose which side you want to sleep on and when!
  • No longer bothered by cold or heat, just the perfect sleeping environment for long nights without sweating or shaking!

Washable cover

The Memory Foam Mattress is hygienic and protects against dust mites. The cover prevents the growth of bacteria and is easy to wash – Open the zipper, remove the cover from the mattress, put it in the washing machine. And ready, clean and fresh.

Technical data:

Extra Comfort: 3 cm NASA memory foam on one side & 2 cm comfort foam on the other side

Extra strength: The sides are reinforced with 8 cm thick cold foam to give the mattress extra stability

Including antibacterial OEKO-TEX mattress cover 80% cotton, 20% polyester, zip-off and washable

Pocket spring with 7 comfort zones: That moves independently of each other – 248 springs/m2

Recommended user weight: 40 to 95 kg

MemoryRelax© Mattress thickness: 23 cm

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Memory foam mattress



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