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10 tips to add character to your home.

10 tips om karakter te geven aan je huis.

10 tips to add character to your home.

You will probably agree with us when we claim that furniture is one of the most important aspects of interior design. The style, materials and, not to forget, the colors are extremely important. At the same time, we must not forget that the placement of furniture must correspond to certain types of spaces. The furniture must be placed correctly to emphasize its function and expressive design.

If you happen to be planning to equip a new apartment or renovate an old one, then our addition here is an ideal opportunity for you to think extra carefully about the placement of furniture. You probably think you already know exactly where you want to place everything, but take your time and let these ten tips surprise you.

1. Place only what is absolutely necessary

First, think carefully about which pieces of furniture you need in a particular room and which pieces you want to use only as decor. This fills the empty space in a useful way. Start placing the necessary elements. It is impossible to furnish the room tastefully with a bunch of items that have nothing to do with each other. First, eliminate the pieces that have no function or aesthetic value. This way you can quickly achieve a good result.

We have forgotten one very important fact, namely: Using less furniture makes the room seem larger. As Jan des Bouvrie said: “The most beautiful piece of furniture is space.”

2. Use small furniture in small rooms

If your room is very small, use those higher cabinets and shelves. This gives you more storage space per square meter.

3. Find the center of the room.

Not the physical center, but the center of attention. Consider, for example, a fireplace, a partition, shared wall, a window opening or something of that order of magnitude.

In the living room, the TV cabinet can be the focal point. In the bedroom it is almost always the bed , in the bathroom a shower or bath, in the kitchen the countertop, stove or cooking island, and so on. Once you have found this main point of interest, you start planning the placement of furniture. Do this in a way so that the point of interest is never obscured, no matter where you stand in the room.

4. Place the seats near the windows.

The seats, especially benches , are best placed on the window side. Often this type of furniture is lower than the windows and does not deprive the room of light.

5. Place the most important elements first

When you're decorating the room, it's important to prioritize the piece you place first. Ask yourself which piece of furniture is most important and how you really want it to 'pop'. We are usually talking about sofas , beds , large cupboards and the like. By placing it in the right place, you know exactly how much space is left. After this you can add less important elements to decorate the room exactly as you wish.

6. Make sure you have easy access to everything

In practice, this means that you can easily get anywhere without bumping into anything. Beware of sharp corners, furniture that is too close together and do not block a passage with large pieces of furniture or decoration.

7. Create the best balance

The balance of the room depends mainly on the size and shape of the furniture. Make sure that you never place two pieces of furniture of approximately the same size or shape next to each other. This goes double for cabinets.

8. Use different designs and lines

Combine straight lines and curves to create a playful contrast. For example, you can break the monotony of straight furniture with a round table and instead of a rectangular countertop you can use a rounded or wave pattern.

9. Invest in the most important furniture

When buying furniture, price should not be the only criterion. It is important to look at the quality of the furniture, especially the centerpieces mentioned earlier. If you place a piece of furniture as an attention-grabber in a room, it should be a quality piece. Whether you bought this item at a fashion house or second-hand at a sale, only you know.

10. Use different philosophies

Finally, it is important to have confidence in certain design philosophies that have been used for many years in furnishing a home. For example, look at Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese art that tells you exactly how you can best decorate your home. You will be amazed!

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