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3 steps to complete your bedroom

3 stappen om jouw slaapkamer te voltooien

3 steps to complete your bedroom

Furniture and other elements in the bedroom should be according to your taste. Equip the bedroom the way you want and with what you need. Is this a large wardrobe, a dressing table, an extra drawer, a bookcase and a reading lamp for the night? If you like carpets, you should also add a carpet. Let your imagination run wild and create your own oasis of peace and comfort. But what are the things you should put more emphasis on?

1. Light

It is important that you create an oasis of peace in the bedroom, for a peaceful and comfortable night's sleep, where we can relax and rest. The bedroom must be dark enough, especially to block out daylight. Daylight affects us directly. It tells our brain that it is time to wake up. So make sure you can dim the sleeping area. Very disturbing light factors are of course also electrical appliances, such as an alarm clock with bright light, television, telephone, computer and tablet. Remember that the bedroom is well ventilated before you go to sleep, the fresh air is a "must have"!

2. Bedding choice

Dreaming and sleeping is like floating among the clouds, where you can be warm, comfortable and relaxed. Let the bedrooms serve their purpose: sleeping. Take enough time to choose the right bed. The choice is really enormous. For example, choose a box spring . Choose one that fits in with the existing style of the furniture and flooring, whether it is wood or metal. If you have a smaller bedroom, a bed with storage space could certainly be a solution. The drawers provide extra storage space that may be needed to put away the children's toys.

3. Mattress choice

When choosing the right mattress, the following characteristics are very important: weight, age, sleep, health problems and hard or soft sleeping comfort. With this information, the choice of the hardness and type of mattress is easy, then we just have to take care of the comfort (memory foam, latex, etc.). However, once the mattress is selected, we must not forget to maintain it. If the mattress has a removable and washable cover, maintenance will be easier, but it is nevertheless necessary to turn the cover and mattress over (at least 3 times a year). To extend the life of the mattress, make sure you also have an overlay and/or waterproof base which is even more important in children.

To help arrange your complete bedroom, you can always contact our professionals. We are happy to help and advise you to find the most suitable solution.


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