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If you lack space, you can buy a small kitchen!

Bij ruimtegebrek kun je een kleine keuken kopen!

Do you want to buy a small kitchen because you have a space that is too small for a normal kitchen, but you need a place where you can prepare food? Maybe one of your children is moving into a room, or you have an office that could use a kitchenette. In these cases, a normal kitchen takes up far too much valuable space, but of course you still want to be able to eat well. Then the small kitchens from Solo Home are the ideal solution! Our kitchens take up little space and are very practical! It's just very handy to have a place where you can quickly do the dishes and where you can store plates and cutlery. Or just a countertop where you can store the coffee maker! An extensive kitchen is often simply too big and is also very expensive. Then you better buy one of our small kitchens ! In this blog we show you why a small kitchen is a great alternative to a large kitchen.

Why you want to buy a small kitchen

Let's start with the biggest advantage of our small kitchen : it is a great kitchen that takes up little space. And that is ideal for an office where you cannot give up too much space, a student room that already has a sofa bed or a holiday home where you mainly want to have space to relax! Just because our kitchens are small doesn't mean they're of no use to you. All our kitchens have cupboard space both above and below the countertop. This way you always have enough space to store plates, mugs and cutlery. And then you still have room for the pans! In addition, all our kitchens have a sink, so you can wash all the dishes without any effort. We'll give you that sink for free, including a siphon. This way you can install everything in one go, so that your kitchen is immediately ready for use. That's nice, right? When installing a new kitchen, there is often a lot of hassle with existing pipes. And where do you put all the cords and plugs of the equipment that you want on the counter? Fortunately, we have thought about this carefully. All our kitchens have smart openings behind the kitchen cabinets, so you don't have to fuss with pipes! They can simply walk behind the kitchen. This way you don't have to use a drill or saw and you can simply assemble the kitchen. No extra stress!

Choose your favorite style

Of course, a kitchen should above all be practical and easy to use. Then you are in the right place with our kitchens. But when you buy a new small kitchen, you also want to have a nice kitchen. Of course we took that into account! We have included several small kitchens in our range. Are you a fan of a cool and beautifully finished style? Then our concrete look kitchen might be something for you. This kitchen also has a nice extra shelf under the hanging cabinets. You can store all your favorite spices here, or your favorite cookbooks. That not only looks nice, but it is also super practical! Not a fan of a concrete look? No problem! We also have kitchens in a modern style, with an open wooden cupboard . This is not only great for using cookbooks or herbs, but also perfect for some nice plants. This is how you turn your kitchen into a stylish place! We also have a Scandinavian style kitchen. Nicely finished and a calm, gray color. Ideal for an office or other workspace! Whatever type of kitchen you want, you can buy all kinds of nice small kitchens from us! Take a quick look at our range to choose your favorite cuisine. We have all variants in stock in the Netherlands, so we can also deliver super fast!


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