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Side tables set of 2: twice as much fun!

Bijzettafels set van 2: 2 keer zoveel plezier!

Do you want twice as much enjoyment from your living room? Then don't go for one table, but for side tables in a set of 2! This way you can easily create that nice playful effect in your living room. And you have twice as much space for your snacks and drinks. Who wouldn't want that? Solo Home shows you the benefits of a set.

You can never have enough side tables! You often place them in your living room. And they have a lot of functions there! How about a side table for your sofa? Next to it or perhaps in front of it (tip: you can also lounge with your feet on the table - don't tell anyone, right?). This way you have plenty of space to put your bowl of chips or glass of wine. If you have a party, but also if you just have a pajama party with yourself and enjoy a little Netflix. And what about that one lounge chair? It's also nice to be able to put a side table there, right? For coffee or perhaps to put on a nice accessory. Use a table to put a plant on, or a few cozy candles. You may choose! And then we haven't even talked about other rooms in the house. A side table is also always useful in the kitchen, your office or bedroom. The possibilities are endless. Conclusion: you really can't do without a side table . Trust us!

Side table set of 2

What if we told you that you could double the convenience of a side table? You can do this very easily by purchasing side tables in a set of 2. Not one, but two tables at your disposal! Just imagine how many snacks you can fit on that! And the great thing is, these types of tables are often very light and easy to move. So you can place the two of them together very stylishly, but you can also give them each their own place if necessary. Vary your interior a bit for an extra playful effect!

Choose your style

And did you know that side tables set of 2 can be combined very well in your interior, whatever style you have? Our tables are wonderfully versatile. Whether you like a clean and minimalist interior with Scandinavian influences, or a busier and more romantic interior: you will always find the side tables that suit it. And you can certainly color outside the lines! You really don't have to buy all your furniture in exactly the same style. You create your own look by mixing and matching. You can make a sleek modern interior just a little more cozy with a wooden side table. And a cool industrial atmosphere becomes more pleasant with a table in a light color. Choose what you like and always remember to do what makes you feel good. Mix it up nicely!

Durable materials

All our side tables in sets of 2 are made of sustainable materials. All three tables are made of environmentally friendly materials. We attach great importance to the environment. When you buy a table from us, you know that it is a sustainably made product. So nice!

Lasts a nice long time!

And the best is yet to come: the side tables in a set of 2 are not only stylish and durable, but also of very high quality. They can really take a beating! This means, among other things, that they last a long time. Ideal!


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