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Tree trunk side table: natural look for your home

Boomstam bijzettafel: natuurlijke uitstraling voor in jouw huis

Do you want to bring nature indoors? Then atree trunk side table is perfect for you! But how do you actually style such a natural side table? And why is it so important to include a touch of 'outside' in your interior? Solo Home explains it to you. A side table is of course extremely useful in the first place. Place it next to the sofa or fill a boring spot with it. A side table is also very useful for displaying your most beautiful decorative items. And after a long day of work you just want to relax on the couch, right? Add a snack and drink, absolutely perfect! But where do you put your food and drinks? On the side table of course! And you may already have a larger coffee table next to the sofa, but what about that lounge chair? A table there is also useful. In short: your interior is not complete without a handy side table . And then we haven't even talked about how stylish side tables can be. Not only practical, also very beautiful! There is a table for every style and taste. Whether you like sleek and modern or cool and industrial. And who says you all have to have the same side tables? Or can only take one? Our advice: go crazy! Match different styles and colors until you find your perfect style. Because your interior should be a reflection of you!

What are tree trunk side tables?

A tree trunk side table is super stylish! The top is made from a piece of tree trunk and has a rough, natural look. As if he came straight from the woods! The side table is finished with a pair of minimalist, sleek legs. This makes the appearance of this table incredibly versatile and fits into any interior. The legs give it an industrial look, but the top is nice and vintage. This versatile side table also fits perfectly with a Scandinavian or modern interior.

Bring nature indoors

Did you know there was a name for the interior design trend that brings nature indoors? That's called biophilic design. It responds to man's innate need to be in contact with nature. This means that people feel at their best when they are in nature. Because that is our natural environment! You can also use this wonderful feeling in your own home, by incorporating natural elements into your interior. Research shows that in an environment with many natural elements, less stress occurs and the health of users is better. Therefore, it has been increasingly used in workplaces and companies lately. Because healthy employees are more productive! But it is also nice to have as little stress as possible in your own home! For example, you can apply it by putting many plants in your house. However, biophilic design is much more than just that. It also has to do with lots of daylight, long sight lines, large windows overlooking greenery and extensive use of wood. You can also reflect nature in materials, colors and shapes. Think of: natural colours, round shapes and here too: lots of wood.

Natural products: always unique

This tree trunk side table is made of aluminum, metal and solid wood. Consider, for example, types of wood such as teak and acacia wood. And because they are products from nature, each item is truly unique! You will not find two side tables with the same color, structure and shape. So one of a kind!


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