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Create the ultimate teenage room!

Creëer de ultieme tienerkamer!

This is how you create the ultimate teenage room

Has your teenager outgrown his nursery? Then it's time for a real teenage room with a matching bed ! We show you how you can easily (and cheaply!) transform a bedroom into a real teenage room. The most important ingredient: the perfect teenage bed . And let's have a lot of that in our collection. Sounds good, right?

You know how it is: when your son or daughter was still little, they only wanted one thing: a fun, playful bedroom. Bright colours, nice figures and lots of toys. But that time is over! Small children grow up and want a cool teenage bedroom. Away with all that childish stuff and hello chill corner and desk! This will be the place where your teenager can enjoy themselves for hours. Alone, or with friends of course. Enjoy gaming, but also just do homework. Everything is possible in a teenage room!

The perfect bed for a teenage room

An 'adult' children's room naturally also requires a good bed . That childish bed is really no longer possible! So time for a real bed. But what kind of bed is best suited to a teenage bedroom? Of course, that completely depends on your teenager. Does he want a cool room to listen to music and meet up with friends? Or a stylish bedroom with plenty of space to chill out, but also for a well-stocked wardrobe? Do you go for light colors or dark? Prints or maybe very quiet?

Your teen can choose! Because that is perhaps the most important thing about the ultimate teenage room: finally your son or daughter can decide for themselves what the bedroom will look like. Within your budget, of course. But with the attractively priced beds and mattresses from Solo Home, that is no problem at all.

The loft bed

How about a loft bed for the teenage room? A sturdy bed that also saves a lot of space. It looks great and leaves a lot of space for other furniture. Handy if the bedroom is not that big, or if your child wants a spacious desk or nice chill couch in his room. Our loft beds even have an integrated desk! The bed itself also immediately feels nice and cozy, because it really has its own place far above the rest of the room. Furthermore, the bed offers a lot of storage space, so you can immediately put an end to all those things lying around that are now spread throughout the room!

Bed in cool colours

A teenage room certainly doesn't have to be boring. What is your son or daughter's favorite color? Put that color at the center of the design of the room and choose a bed with a color! Go for cool black or romantic pink. You can go in any direction with a colored bed. For example, they are also available with extra storage space underneath. Useful! You can easily store all those sneakers and make-up items lying around in there!

Calm appearance

Does your teenager prefer a calm appearance? Then go for a bed with a sleek design in wood color or white. That really fits into every style! And if you keep the bed nice and quiet, you can add color to the room by painting a wall or placing a nice brightly colored sofa in the room. Or you can keep it all nice and neutral and calm, that is also possible!


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