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Effortlessly create your own beauty spot!

Creëer moeiteloos je eigen beauty spot!

Effortlessly create your own beauty spot!

How nice would it be to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of the day. No traffic jam. No phone calls. No deadline to meet. No rushing. Time for yourself is important and can also do wonders for your looks. When you look rested and relaxed, you are at your best. Do you escape to a beauty salon or hairdresser for your much-needed relaxation? Imagine how nice it would be if you didn't have to leave the house for that beauty moment. Here are some tips to easily create that beauty spot at home.

Time for yourself

Relaxation is important, especially if you have a busy job or hectic household. You are busy with everyone except yourself. A burnout is just around the corner, also for you. Consciously taking time for yourself can do wonders for your appearance and peace of mind. There is no need to add an appointment in your agenda, because you can stay at home. “Mommy is going upstairs to do her nails now,” do your children hear you say? Practice it a few times, soon they won't know any better. Mom also deserves time for her nails. Or her. Or eyebrows.

Clean-up challenge

But where are you going to create that spot? Not between the bins of LEGO or the gym bags. To make good use of time for yourself, it is nice to be able to literally disconnect from everyday things for a while. You probably have a spare room that is currently not being used optimally. A great moment for that clean-up challenge. This way you make the local thrift store happy by recycling. Gives you a good feeling and more space in the room. You don't even need much space for this dressing table . You have achieved an important part of your personal beauty spot so easily.

Small is beautiful

You don't need tons of space. A small space is enough to retreat to, and is often just as cozy. There are many beauty salons that have to make do with a small floor space, and they still feel very luxurious. It is often small things that have a big effect on the appearance of a room. So you don't need much for your private salon either. For example, you can display your favorite products in plain sight. You don't have to hide your most beautiful products. Your perfume bottles or your colored nail polish, for example, can really add something to the dressing table. This way you ensure a good overview of your products and you will never make a mistake again.

Modern design

Creating a beauty spot in your home is easier if you use furniture with a timeless and neutral design. This dressing table has a sleek and refined design and will fit into any interior. A clean look provides a modern effect. Wonderful to relax. Your make-up and care products automatically provide color. Do you want some color for your mini-salon? Maybe you can paint one or more walls of the room. Sea green or glitter pink, nothing is too crazy.

Hip chair

The great thing about your own place is that you can really relax here in comfort. No longer in the living room at the table with your hand mirror. No children with questions who cannot wait five minutes. In this space you can really take time for yourself. A good chair obviously helps with this. From hip design to colorful lounge chair, everything fits this white, sleek dressing table . As long as you're comfortable with it. This way you have all the time for those beautiful curls with the curling iron.



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