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The best grilling tips

De beste grilltips

The best grilling tips

Picnics are a popular way to socialize with friends, family and acquaintances. In addition to good company, good food is an important part. If you prepare the food in an imaginative and healthy way, it is almost certain that guests will be enthusiastic.

Grilling requires that dishes be prepared quickly and simply. Most importantly, the food is prepared without extra fat, and this also makes it healthier.

This is probably the most frequently asked question from grill masters worldwide. However, this is just one of the many things that come into play when preparing grilled food. The preparation is based on several factors, each of which has a significant influence on the final result. Let us give you a few tips to give your friends great grilled food, so you too can earn the highly coveted title of grill master.

We immediately advise you to grill with a closed top, unless you are a big fan of steaks with a crispy crust. This method keeps strokes, smoke and moisture out and the meat stays nice and juicy. Don't get impatient with grilling. Be careful not to overcrowd the grill. For tasty and evenly cooked food, leave at least a quarter of the grill free. This also makes it easier to turn the food.

Even if the recipe calls for a medium or low temperature. Hot grills are necessary to sear the meat. To test if the grill is ready to cook, you can use this simple trick: Hold your hand three to five inches above the plate and count how many seconds you can hold it there. One second means that the grill is at about 300 degrees and 6 seconds is not even 150. During the grilling process you must constantly monitor the temperature and add more charcoal or briquettes if necessary. Of course, this only applies to cabbage barbecues.

After baking, the rack must be cleaned. A grill with leftovers from previous guests still hanging on it is not a good calling card. In addition, no pleasant smells and flavors are released from old food, which will ruin your new brasserie. When cleaning, use a special grill brush and finally wipe it clean with a simple kitchen roll with some oil. This removes meat remains and prevents contamination.

Picnics are no longer just bread and butter, but you can make a whole list of healthy dishes on the grill. For example, you can prepare meat, fish, seafood, cheese, fruit or vegetables. This is all easy to prepare in one of our small kitchens !

When preparing meat, you must pay close attention to the choice of the piece of meat. Fat is a carrier of tasty and juicy meat, so choose a suitable, thick piece of meat. The meat should be about 2 to 4 inches thick and the fat no more than half an inch. Cut the fat every 3cm so that the meat does not twist during grilling. Add spices to taste and bake. It is best to let the meat rest for 5 minutes after grilling. This way the taste is best preserved.

Grilling fish can be a bit more difficult, mainly because of the texture of their meat. It is best to choose more compact fish such as bass, salmon or trout. To prepare the fish as best as possible, it is best to soak it first and then clean it. Fish does not need complex seasoning, so a little salt, lemon, thyme and rosemary are enough. When the grill is hot, wet the grill and place the fish on it. When the fish is done on one side, turn it over.

Vegetables are a great and quick addition to any picnic. You can prepare various varied vegetables on the grill, such as pumpkin, eggplant, onions, potatoes and peppers.

When preparing, it is important to cut equal pieces. Make sure the grill is hot, because the vegetables dry out quickly above the grill. For convenience you can use skewers or a container.

For example, you can improve the taste of poultry with a spice mix that consists of:

• Two tablespoons of brown sugar

• Two tablespoons of salt

• A tablespoon of sage

• A tablespoon of thyme

• Two teaspoons of marjoram

• Two teaspoons of rosemary

• Two teaspoons of garlic powder

• A teaspoon of ginger

• A teaspoon of pepper

• Half a teaspoon of nutmeg

Mix all the ingredients and store them in a closed container.

Finally, we will give you one more tip. Chestnuts are always popular in autumn. How do you prepare chestnuts? You probably already know that chestnuts need to be cut before baking. The best technique is to cut it lengthwise on both sides. This also makes it easier to peel them after baking. Once the chestnuts are cut, wash them in standing water to soften the skin. Prepare the barbecue at 200 degrees and place the chestnuts on the grill, or use metal containers with holes. Bake for about 15 minutes, turning them every 5 minutes. When the chestnuts are ready, place them on some kitchen roll and let them rest for 5 minutes.

We hope you've found some great ideas above and that you have fresh inspiration to get grilling yourself.

Now all you need is good company and a picnic to get started!


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