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The right Feng Shui colors for your interior.

De juiste Feng Shui kleuren voor je interieur.

The right Feng Shui colors for your interior.

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? This is an age-old way of thinking from Chinese philosophy, which stands for harmony in life. Feng Shui takes into account five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. According to the followers of this philosophy, colors are determined not only by our feelings, but also by these elements. Before we determine which colors are suitable for a room, we analyze all relevant factors present in a room. It is then important to find out which element they belong to.

1. Pay attention to the position of your home

The colors you choose for your home depend on the philosophy of Feng Shui. Do you live in a basement or low-rise home? Make sure you choose the right colors to prevent depressive symptoms. If you live low-rise or in a basement, do not choose earth tones such as ocher yellow and brown, but rather choose fresh colors. Dark colors are also not suitable for a cellar or basement. Also avoid the color blue, as this will lower the temperature of the room by at least 2 degrees. After all, a basement is cold enough. Prefer to use shades of green, because green symbolizes renewal and growth.

Do you live high up in an apartment or flat? Then the exact opposite rules apply as for the ground floor. Because you, as a resident of an apartment, live high above the earth, earth colors are highly recommended. The use of bricks and stones in earth tones will do you good. And you guessed it, you prefer to avoid green at this altitude. In addition, it is important to know whether your apartment is located in the north, south, west, east or northeast or northwest. Do you live in a sunny home? Then use cooler colors such as spring green, light blue and blue. If you live in a less sunny home, warmer colors such as ochre, sunny yellow, orange and red will do you good.

2. Make sure that the colors are reflected in all rooms of your house

Your living room symbolizes social occasions. Vibrant colors work best here. For the kitchen, according to Feng Shui philosophy, it is best to use white. Never red or blue. If you give the kitchen an orange color, this will affect your energy level. You get tired of it quickly. Do you have a separate room where you eat? Then use smaller areas with orange and green, these have a positive effect on digestion. For the bedroom: use creamy white or mild lavender colors. Avoid choosing blue, as this will make the room cool. Do you have trouble falling asleep? There's a good chance that your bedroom is red, orange or yellow. It is better not to choose these shades, as they are too intense for the bedroom.

Surprisingly enough, the children's room should not be too colorful. Your child cannot concentrate well in such a room and becomes hyperactive more quickly. It is best to match the colors of the cot , for example, to the character of your child. In the bathroom, choose colors that connect the water element. According to Feng Shui, this also depends on the position of the bathroom in your home.

3. The impact of energy

According to Feng Shui, energy flows all around us. Depending on which area you live in, you will want to avoid red, sunny yellow or ocher color. This is especially true for southwestern areas.

4. Pay attention to the environment where your home is located

Where your home is located determines the colors that best suit your home. Do you live near a hospital or cemetery? Then it will do your home good if you paint it in vibrant colors. Do you live in a busy or noisy area? Then use cool colors such as blue, white, light blue or green in your home.

5. Take your fellow residents into account

When choosing colors for your home, according to popular ancient Chinese philosophy, you should take into account who you live with. If there are fellow residents who lack the element of fire, this will affect the enjoyment of their lives. That sounds tough, but it helps by using the color red, which symbolizes life and joy. Is your child full of (too) much energy? Then don't use red, but choose a color that radiates more tranquility.

6. You would rather not choose these colors if you are creative

Are you a creative person? Or do you have a creative profession? Then it is better not to choose brown tones, ocher and orange. Brick walls are also not suitable for you.

7. Elderly or depressed people? Then you would rather avoid the following colors

You guessed it, dark rooms often give a dark and gloomy atmosphere. According to Feng Shui, elderly or depressed people will feel less good when they are among brown tones or in wood-colored rooms. Brown absorbs light.

Colors have a very strong effect on you. In general, it is best to choose a home that is white or in a color that matches the various factors of your home. Small changes in colors and shapes can have a major impact. For example, by painting part of your wall a different color. Pay attention to whether you do this horizontally or vertically. Vertical color separations stimulate creativity, while horizontal ones will limit this.

A white color is the safest option. It gives you a spacious feeling. Have you ever seen a ceiling with a color? This often gives the room a small feeling. Always give your ceiling a white color. And a final tip: avoid combinations such as red and blue, and yellow and green.

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