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The latest trend: a black metal side table

De nieuwste trend: een zwart metalen bijzettafel

Do you already have it: the black metal side table? No? Then you can read in this blog why this piece of furniture really deserves a place on your wishlist. These side tables are super hip and also very versatile. They really suit every style! We'll tell you why. Side tables. Where would we be without these useful pieces of furniture? Nowhere, right? These all-rounders can literally... everything! They are small and light and therefore very easy to move. This way you can place a side table anywhere you want. And do you have a lot of space? Then take two, right? Or maybe three? Go for a matching set or choose three completely different tables for an extra playful effect. Mix & match! For example, a side table fits perfectly in the living room, in front of or next to your sofa. The place to put your drink during a pleasant evening or to store that delicious snack board. Handy, because this way you always have your food and drinks easily at hand. And do you have more seats in your home? Then why not just get more side tables? And what about those uncomfortable corners in the house? You can perfectly decorate it with a side table with a beautiful accessory. Go for a plant, photo frames or perhaps a beautiful vase. Away boring corner and hello stylish look!

Trend: black metal side tables

You can see the black metal side table everywhere! They are very hip. Not surprising, because their modern and minimalist appearance means they really fit into any interior. They look clean and sleek, but the metal and the dark color certainly make them cool. And also very nice? The color black is of course very easy to combine with any colors or materials. A very versatile item!

How do you style black metal?

These black metal side tables fit perfectly in an industrial interior. The industrial character of metal can be combined very well. Go for cool in combination with black and white. This way, your side table immediately gives a raw and robust look to your interior. Go one step further and mix the black steel with sturdy vintage items and raw materials such as wood, leather, brick and concrete. This looks great in a house with high ceilings. Furniture such as a cognac leather sofa or army green chairs also work very well together with a black side table. You can also give black metal a warmer look by choosing a combination with wood and plants. Still cool, but a bit more fun. And how about warm earth tones? They really look great there too. Do you prefer a stylish and sleek modern design? A black metal side table also fits in very nicely as a contrast. Then combine your side table with simple, calm elements. Think of the colors white, gray and brown, but always with a nice accent color that really stands out. The furniture has sleek shapes and lines. You can make all that sleek and minimalist look a little warmer by using calm accessories. The materials that go well with this are chrome, plastic and leather. And of course some beautiful fabrics!

Choose your own style

But the most important thing in your interior is always that you have to like it yourself. So go experiment! Combine styles and don't stick to the rules too much. Choose items that really make you happy. Mixing modern with industrial and a touch of vintage? Sounds good! Or do you go for Scandinavian and a bit romantic? You may choose!


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