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The differences between cold foam and memory foam

De verschillen tussen koudschuim en traagschuim

What is the difference between cold foam and memory foam?

What is actually the difference between cold foam and memory foam? They are both foam mattresses , but they are made differently. As a result, they also have different properties. In this blog we explain what the differences are and who these mattresses suit best.

Foam mattresses are popular! That is not surprising, because the material is very durable, but not expensive. Ideal for mattresses. Both mattresses are made of polyurethane, but in a different way. Cold foam is poured into cold molds, which is where the name comes from. A cold foam mattress is also called High Resilience (HR) foam. Memory foam is made from a special type of polyurethane: viscoelastic polyurethane.

Where do the differences between cold foam and memory foam come from?

Memory foam is made from a different type of foam than cold foam. Memory foam also has many different names. It is also called memory foam, slow motion foam or lazy foam. Fun fact: it is also sometimes called NASA foam, because the material was originally developed for space travel. The foam has a pressure-reducing effect, which is useful during a rocket launch. The difference between cold foam and memory foam mainly has to do with the way the foam is made.

For you, it mainly means that the foam very slowly returns to its original shape after the foam has been pressed. That is why this foam immediately embraces your body when you lie down on the mattress. This provides more support during the night.

Hard or soft mattress?

Cold foam feels harder than memory foam. Cold foam is made of sturdier material and is therefore more resilient than memory foam. Even if the mattress gets warmer when someone sleeps on it! A memory foam mattress is a bit softer to lie on. This is because the material molds to your body due to your body heat and weight when you lie on it. Wonderfully soft! This mattress also distributes your body pressure evenly over the mattress. This way you will never suffer from pressure points.

This difference between cold foam and memory foam can be important when choosing a mattress that suits you. For example, if you suffer from joint pain, it is best to choose a memory foam mattress. If you are a bit heavier, a cold foam mattress can offer a solution. Because the material is so stiff, this type of mattress offers you a lot of support. The chance of pit formation is also small.

Hot or cold mattress?

There is also a difference between cold foam and memory foam in terms of ventilation and moisture regulation. For example, cold foam ventilates better than memory foam. This is because you cannot deform the foam with your body weight. A cold foam mattress therefore sleeps cooler. Do you sweat a lot at night? Then it is better to opt for a cold foam mattress. Such a mattress keeps your bed nice and cool at night.

So there are all kinds of differences between cold foam and memory foam. Do you already know which type of foam suits you best? Solo Home offers a wide range of mattresses of both types. Take a quick look to see if there is a nice mattress for you!

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Looking for a comfortable pillow?

Consider the memory foam pillow. Perfect for those who want a pillow that effortlessly conforms to their head and neck for an uninterrupted night's sleep. People who regularly experience neck pain when waking up benefit from memory foam in particular, because it reduces pressure on sensitive areas.

An alternative are cold foam pillows. These are more resilient and provide firm support, ideal for those who prefer a firmer pillow. In addition, cold foam pillows have excellent ventilation, which ensures a cooler night.

Although we do not offer pillows at Solo Home, there is a wide selection of both memory foam and cold foam pillows available on .


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