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This is why you want a memory foam mattress overlay

Dit is waarom je een oplegmatras van traagschuim wilt

Meet the magic of a memory foam mattress overlay! Without having to purchase an expensive mattress, you will be a lot more comfortable! Give your old mattress a makeover and buy an affordable topper for extra support and longevity of your mattress. Solo Home explains why you also need a memory foam mattress overlay . With a memory foam mattress overlay, you can transform your old bed into a comfortable, supportive bed that feels great in just a few seconds. And all that with only a winner! So you don't have to buy a new mattress to no longer feel like a princess and the pea every night. A topper is practical and affordable. This allows you to take your night's sleep to a higher level and sleep like a baby every night. Sounds good, right?

What is a memory foam mattress overlay?

You place a mattress overlay on top of your own mattress. So very simple! A topper, or top mattress, or top mattress is nothing more than a thin mattress of 5 to 10 centimeters that offers some extra comfort to your mattress. Very nice if your old mattress is no longer comfortable. For example, are you lying too hard or too soft? Too hot or too cold? Then you can solve this very easily and cheaply with a new mattress overlay . Your mattress will then last much longer. You lie on the top layer and not on the mattress itself. This keeps your expensive mattress clean and hygienic and wears out less quickly. And it is also very easy to turn over, such a top mattress ! This way you won't have to lift a lump on your heavy double mattress, but you can easily turn your mattress over on your own. Useful! You can also use a mattress overlay to close the gap that is always very annoying when you sleep on two single mattresses in a double mattress . Place a topper on it and your mattress will be one whole again, without a gap!

What is memory foam?

Memory foam has many different names. It is also called NASA foam, or memory foam. You also sometimes hear terms such as slow motion foam or lazy foam. That sounds fun, right? The term NASA foam comes from space travel. The material was originally designed for this purpose. Because it reduces pressure, it is very useful in a rocket, for example. The name 'memory foam' refers to the slow way in which the foam returns to shape after it has been compressed. If you press this with your hand, you will continue to see a handprint in the foam for a moment. It is precisely this property that makes memory foam very comfortable and soft. You sink a little into the mattress and it seems as if the material embraces you! This means it offers a lot of support, which is nice if you often suffer from joint or back pain, for example. The mattress encloses your body when you lie down, so you are always in the correct, comfortable position. And have we already talked about how nice and soft a mattress overlay is? Like sleeping on a cloud! In addition, a memory foam topper distributes your body pressure very well over the entire mattress. A disadvantage may, for example, be that it ventilates less well than a cold foam mattress .

Affordable choice

A good memory foam mattress is expensive. But this memory foam mattress overlay offers the ideal solution! You have all the benefits that the material brings, without the high costs of a completely new mattress. For example, very useful if you want to breathe new life into an old mattress or perhaps sleep in a caravan or on the couch. For a fraction of the price of a new mattress, you get the same comfortable result with a topper. A memory foam mattress overlay is ideal if your mattress does not provide enough support. Do your joints hurt when you get up in the morning? Or are you just not sleeping well? Then a memory foam mattress overlay could be the solution. Even if your mattress feels a bit too hard, you can solve this with a memory foam topper.


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