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A small kitchenette with sink is ideal!

Een klein keukenblok met spoelbak is ideaal!

Sometimes you need a space to prepare some food. This is extremely useful at the office, during lunch. But even in a studio where you don't have too much space, a small kitchenette is a handy solution. You want to be able to eat something, don't you? And it is also nice to be able to store items such as plates, cutlery and glasses in one logical place. For those cases, a small kitchenette with sink is ideal! They take up little space, but they are very practical to use. A normal kitchen not only takes up a lot of space, they are also quite expensive. That is not pleasant. If you have little space and do not really want to spend too much on a kitchen, such as in your own office, it is better to opt for a cheaper solution. In those cases, our small kitchen units with sink may be the perfect solution for your situation. Not too expensive, not too big, but handy and practical! In this blog we explain why these small kitchens are so pleasant.

The advantages of a small kitchen unit with sink

The first advantage is also the most important advantage: these small kitchens do not take up as much space as a regular kitchen and that makes a big difference! Whether you want to install a kitchen in a student room, a business premises or a holiday home, sometimes it is nice to have more space for other things. And that is very easy with these small kitchen units ! It's just nice to have a place where you can easily wash dishes, where you can put a coffee maker and where you can easily prepare your lunch. These small kitchen units with sink can do it all! We supply a free sink with every kitchen unit, which you can install very easily. This way you immediately have a complete kitchen! Even though these kitchen units are nice and small, they still have plenty of storage space. Our kitchens have both hanging cabinets and cabinets under the countertop. This way you have enough space for plates, cups, coffee mugs and cutlery. You can even store your pans! Installing a new kitchen can sometimes be quite a challenge because of the pipes, plugs and cables. Luckily we thought of that! All our kitchens have a smart opening behind the kitchen cabinets. This ensures that the pipes simply have a place to run, without you having to start sawing and drilling. You simply assemble the kitchen and that's it! You also have space to neatly hide cords and plugs, so your kitchen will also look tidy!

The eye wants something too!

A small kitchen unit with a sink may be very practical, but you don't want to install an ugly kitchen. That is why we have included different types of kitchens in our range. This way you can always find the right match with the rest of the interior. How about a kitchen with a concrete look that fits perfectly with an industrial style? Or a modern kitchen with a cool open wooden cupboard! You can put nice plants or your favorite herbs in there. That not only looks great, it is also practical! Whatever type of kitchen you are looking for, you will find a nice style with us! Take a quick look at our range and find your favorite new kitchen. We have all variants in stock in the Netherlands, so we can deliver very quickly. Before you know it you will have a new kitchen at home!


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