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A natural look with our rattan chairs

Een natuurlijke look met onze rotan stoelen

Solo Home has something new for people who are fans of a natural look: the rattan chair ! This beautiful natural product gives your living room a cozy and stylish look. But what exactly is rattan? And how do you get the most out of this chair? We will explain it to you. Are you reading along?

Chairs are a perfect way to show how much style you have at home. Because chairs can have a major influence on the interior of your home! Especially because chairs cannot only be placed in the living room, but can also be used in other places. Maybe you have a table in the kitchen at home, then you naturally want nice chairs! Or how about outside on the terrace or balcony?

What is a rattan chair?

Rattan is a beautiful natural product that is ideal for making furniture. There are a few reasons for that. The main reason is the fact that rattan is not only very light, but also super strong. That is of course very nice for a chair. This way you don't have to drag a heavy chair around when you need the chair in another place and you can be sure that you can sit comfortably. Rattan chairs are real quality products and last a long time. Rattan also stays beautiful for a long time! Another advantage of rattan is the way it can be processed. Rattan can be woven, allowing you to create the most beautiful designs. Of course, our designers didn't let themselves be told that twice! Rattan chairs often have many beautiful decorations in the form of curls and complicated braid patterns . This gives the chair its own unique character. The last advantage of rattan makes our chairs very flexible. Rattan is very resistant to the weather! This means that you can also use these chairs outside without having to worry. If you have a rattan chair at home, you can always sit in the sun. And if you forget to bring it in during a rain shower, just wipe it with a cloth and you're done. That's ideal, isn't it?

Best of both worlds

These chairs are the ideal combination of seating pleasure and a fantastic appearance. The natural appearance of rattan gives you a very nice atmosphere home. Rattan can also be ideally combined with other types of styles. You can go for a big contrast, for example by combining industrial furniture with a lot of iron with a set of rattan chairs . This brings out the natural character of the chairs even more. But our rattan chairs are also very comfortable. We have dining room chairs made of rattan , which you can dine with for hours , but also real relax chairs . Imagine that after a busy day at work you can sit in the garden on a lovely lounge chair .

Chairs are actually indispensable

Chairs are actually indispensable when furnishing your home. Because without us even realizing it, we spend a large part of your day. Whether that is during work or while eating, you should be able to sit comfortably, right? Our rattan chairs are an ideal solution for this. Because these chairs not only fit around your dining table, but also look great as an extra chair. For example in your living room, next to the sofa to create some extra seating space. Or simply because rattan creates such a beautiful atmosphere! But how about an extra chair in the bedroom ? A simple addition can give your bedroom a completely different atmosphere! Whatever location you choose, you can be sure that you will make a beautiful impression on your interior with a natural product.


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