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A pocket spring mattress with cold foam

Een pocketveringmatras met koudschuim

Pocket spring mattress with cold foam

A pocket spring mattress with cold foam is a combination of – you guessed it – a pocket spring mattress and a cold foam mattress . This mattress has the firmness of a cold foam mattress and is just as bouncy as a pocket spring mattress. A very good choice, even for sleepers who weigh a bit more!

A pocket spring mattress with cold foam has the best of both worlds. This mattress combines comfortable and supportive pocket springs with a breathable and ventilated top layer of cold foam.

What are the advantages of pocket spring mattresses with cold foam?

The pocket spring gives you a lot of support. This is because each pocket spring is packaged separately and can therefore adapt independently to your body. This way you can sleep really comfortably! The suspension is very sensitive and adapts to every movement you make. This means that you always have the best support and the mattress almost literally embraces you!

A pocket spring mattress is very comfortable. When you lie down, you immediately feel full support from your head to your toes. This way you can fall asleep easily and feel rested and fresh the next morning.

What is the cold foam for?

The top layer of cold foam increases that fresh feeling even more. The cold foam gives a wonderfully soft feeling and keeps your body in a good position all night long. Cold foam is also known to be very resilient due to the open structure of the cold foam cells. The material is also very ventilated and keeps your bed nice and cool.

A perfect mattress for every weight

Solo Home has the pocket spring mattress with cold foam in different variants. The Life pocket spring mattress is especially for sleepers up to 95 kilos. Do you weigh between 95 and 120 kilos? Then a pocket spring mattress with extra coconut fibers such as CocoLife is a good solution. The layer of coconut fibers ensures that this mattress is extra comfortable and provides a lot of support. And it gets even better: because the coconut fibers also provide extra cooling during hot nights and they repel bacteria.

The right support

A good mattress is very important, especially if you are a bit heavier. Because after a long day at work you just want to crawl into bed. Then it is annoying when you sink into your mattress and wake up the next morning with a tired body. People who weigh more than 100 kilos often do not have enough support on a standard mattress. Your torso will then be deeper in the mattress than your arms and legs. The result? A bad night's sleep and a painful back.

Solo Home also has the right pocket spring mattress with cold foam for sleepers weighing between 100 and 150 kilos: the PureMulti+ . This powerhouse has been specially developed to provide good support. The mattress consists of several layers and is made of firm cold foam and multi-pocket springs, which are strong yet flexible. This ensures that you sleep pain-free and experience perfect support from the moment your body touches the mattress. You will feel a difference from the first night, we promise you that!

Why choose a cold foam cushion?

The popularity of cold foam pillows has grown enormously in recent years, and for good reason. Created from a special type of foam, these cushions are known for their longevity and resilience. Thanks to their open cell structure, they guarantee optimal ventilation and effective moisture drainage, which makes them particularly suitable for those who often feel warm at night.

An additional advantage is that cold foam is hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, making it the perfect choice for allergy sufferers. So, if you are looking for a pillow that combines comfort with durability and hygiene, then a cold foam pillow is absolutely recommended.

Although we do not offer cold foam pillows , you can find an extensive range on .


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