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A vintage coffee table completes your interior!

Een vintage salontafel maakt je interieur af!

Without a coffee table, your living room will feel quite empty. And it is also quite inconvenient, because when you sit on the couch, you naturally want to have space to put down something to drink. It is also useful to be able to display snacks and drinks during drinks. For these cases, a coffee table is perfect: not too big, but not too small either. And with a vintage coffee table you also get a beautiful piece of furniture that will immediately become the eye-catcher of your living room! Our vintage coffee tables are the ideal furniture to complete your interior. If you are still looking for a nice table for the corner of your living room, or a table for next to the sofa to place your glass on, then you don't have to look any further. Our tables are perfect for this! If you actually only buy the coffee table to put a beautiful bunch of flowers or your favorite accessories on, that is not a problem at all. Because these coffee tables are a beautiful addition to your interior, even when they remain empty!

How do you combine a vintage coffee table?

These coffee tables feel completely at home in a vintage interior! The tables create a homely and warm atmosphere, allowing you to completely relax in your living room. It is often thought that vintage furniture is difficult to combine with furniture that is not vintage itself. But nothing could be further from the truth, because our vintage furniture is not the most difficult! The combination of vintage furniture and modern furniture works very well. Then you should of course not exaggerate with the number of vintage furniture, otherwise it will become busy in your living room. But a vintage coffee table between modern armchairs? That makes your interior playful! This way you create a contemporary interior that completely suits your own taste. Colorful vintage furniture can also be perfectly combined with the quiet and stylish Scandinavian style. Again, you have to be careful not to add too many flashy colors. But one striking and colorful piece of furniture among the otherwise sleek and calm colors of the Scandinavian style, you can play with the colors very nicely. The two styles complement each other perfectly in that respect.

More than one style?

Are you not completely convinced of one style in your living room? That's no problem at all. Our vintage furniture can also be combined well with other styles. The combination between a natural stone such as marble and vintage furniture is also very pleasant. And the best thing to combine vintage furniture with is plants. The fresh green of houseplants looks great with a vintage coffee table! When purchasing a new coffee table, you should take a good look at the space in your living room and how you want to use this space. If you have a spacious living room with lots of open space, it would be nicer to place a slightly larger coffee table . With a small coffee table you run the risk that the table will disappear in the large living room. With a small living room it is exactly the other way around: a large coffee table makes the room feel very busy and full, which is not always pleasant. But luckily at Solo Home we have many different types of tables, so you will always find a good match for your living room! The only thing you have to worry about is choosing your favorite coffee table ! And that's not a bad thing at all, right?


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