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Let us introduce you: the retro dining room chair

Even voorstellen: de retro eetkamerstoel

Will you go back in time? With a retro dining room chair you can easily create that nice vintage look for your dining area. And that doesn't have to be completely dusty. Our stylish retro chairs prove that, don't they? Today we take you into the world of retro interiors. How do you find the perfect retro dining room chair ? And how do you style it? Read on quick! A dining room chair is not just a chair. Just count how long you sit on that chair per day. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and maybe in the evening you will sit at the table for a while and chat about the day. And how about game nights? Dinner parties with friends and family? It all happens in that dining area. Okay, your living room is also a handy place, but the real fun often takes place at the table. This means that you can be quite critical when choosing new dining room chairs . First of all, you just want them to feel comfortable. Because you would prefer to be able to comfortably sit on such a chair for a few hours. Then you don't want them to be too hard, or just not comfortable. It is important that you check carefully whether the chair also suits your posture. Make sure you always sit in the correct sitting position with a natural curve of your spine, your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90 degree angle.

Why do you choose retro dining room chairs?

But besides comfort, style is also very important. Not only do you want you and your friends to be comfortable, but you also want to receive some compliments on your style choice, right? Especially because you spend so much time at the dining table, you also want this room to radiate exactly the atmosphere you want. Whether luxurious, cozy or cool. As long as it suits you and your family! Today we go back to the 50s. Time for retro! Because that style is back and you can suddenly see it everywhere in interior design magazines and in stores. We understand why it is so popular, that style really gives your interior a nice atmosphere!

Characteristics of a retro style

A retro style focuses on the shapes, colors and materials from the 1950s. Think of furniture with round corners, plastic furniture and lots of teak wood. In the dining area, for example, you will see oak floors with a herringbone pattern in combination with a round dining table. The retro dining room chairs, for example, are based on the well-known Eames design. Plastic chairs also fit into this picture! Chair legs are often nice and slim in this style. This makes your furniture look less colossal and creates an open and spacious atmosphere. In a retro interior you see many colors such as mustard yellow, olive green and ocher gold. Retro colors are often warm and deep, such as orange for example. The new retro is a bit lighter in color than in the 1950s. While orange and brown were very important then, you now also see a lot of pastel and powder tones. And you can coordinate all those colors beautifully by using the same materials. In terms of accessories, you can think of industrial lamps or light bulbs and many, many plants. Time to dust off those cacti and succulents again!

Best quality

All our retro dining room chairs have one thing in common: they are made with care and love from the best quality materials. Because we think quality is extremely important. Our chairs therefore all last a long time and can really take a beating. So nice and sustainable!


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