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Go for a sturdy coffee table made of wood and steel!

Ga voor een stoere salontafel van hout en staal!

A coffee table is the ideal piece of furniture for the living room. The tables are not so large that you have to change the entire layout, but they still add a lot of atmosphere! This way you can easily add something to your living room, without having to put in much effort! Our coffee tables made of wood and steel give your living room something cool and modern and in this blog you can read how you can best combine these tables!

A coffee table is useful to have near your sofa. This way you always have space within reach to set something up. Think of a cup of coffee or something to snack on! And when you're having a party, you can display some snacks on the coffee table . But of course you don't want a coffee table that is only practical! Such furniture should also add something nice to the interior of your living room. We understand that very well at Solo Home. We have good news for people who are looking for a coffee table that combines sturdy metal with the natural look of wood. In that case, our coffee tables made of wood and steel are perfect for you!

How do you combine coffee tables made of wood and steel?

Fortunately, we can answer that question very simply! Wood is a material that is very easy to combine with other types of materials. And the design of our coffee tables makes it even easier to match the tables with all kinds of interiors. Wood and steel suit an industrial interior best. This style uses a lot of these materials, in combination with dark colors. Our coffee tables use dark metal, which makes them easy to combine with other industrial furniture, such as a cool standing lamp or a sturdy armchair. This way you not only have a perfectly styled living room, but you can also relax!

Are you not a fan of an industrial style? Then there is nothing wrong at all. These wood and steel coffee tables can also be combined very well with other types of interiors. Due to the light color of the wood, this table looks great next to a fabric sofa, but this eye-catcher also feels completely at home next to a leather sofa! What also looks great with these types of coffee tables are accessories! Green plants in particular do well on these coffee tables , but actually all your favorite things fit on this table. For example, you can display your favorite books so that everyone immediately knows that you have good taste. Or store your favorite magazines in this piece of furniture, so that you always have something fun to read when you're sitting on the couch.

What should you pay attention to?

When you buy a new coffee table , there are a few things you should pay attention to. The most important thing is the space you have in your living room. If you have a large living room at home, with lots of space and a large sofa, a small coffee table does not look so nice. Due to the difference in size, the table then falls away. In that case it is better to take a slightly larger coffee table . For a smaller living room it is exactly the other way around. A large coffee table next to a small sofa or in a small room creates a cramped feeling. That is not pleasant in a room where you mainly want to relax!

You can also pay attention to the shape of your new coffee table . This way you can easily add variation to your interior! Do you have a lot of right angles in your interior? Then you can look at one of our round coffee tables made of steel and wood. This difference in shape creates a fresh and new feeling in your living room! With our extensive offering, we are sure that you will be able to find the right match. Take a look at our range and find your favorite coffee table !


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