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Go for a timeless atmosphere with our classic chairs!

Ga voor een tijdloze sfeer met onze klassieke stoelen!

At your home it looks like a real palace. You like decorations, chic furniture and tasteful accessories. You would love to hang a chandelier tomorrow, the bigger the better. Do you agree with this description? Then our classic chairs are really something for you! Create your own Versailles and imagine yourself as nobility by furnishing your home in a completely classic way! For those readers who are not yet completely familiar with the classical style, we may need to explain it first. Think of the Renaissance, think of beautiful palaces and lots of decorations. Then you're in the right place. Let's make it a little clearer. The classic style makes extensive use of dark and chic wood types. And when you say classic, you definitely don't say 'sleekly finished' or 'modern'. Classic means a lot of decoration and frills. And that's what makes it such a fantastic style to work with. Because if you are a fan of this style, you can go completely crazy with the design of your living room, for example. And we are happy to help you with that!

Combine nicely with a classic chair

A few pieces of furniture that really cannot be missed in the classic style are, for example, heavy curtains in beautiful and stately colors. Think of dark red, black and the royal color of the past: purple. This chic atmosphere and fantastic colors are also often found in other types of classic furniture. Tables with beautifully decorated legs, made of stately wood, such as dark teak or cherry wood! Our classic chairs fit perfectly into this picture. Beautifully finished legs, deep colors and beautiful natural wood. These chairs are really the ideal addition to your classic interior at home. In the classic style, each piece of furniture is a story in itself. Of course, you don't just add new furniture to your already almost perfect interior. We understand that very well at Solo Home. Our classic chairs are therefore put together with care and love, so that these chairs also radiate the classic feeling. And that makes these chairs not a supplement, but an asset!

A seating area to be proud of

Maybe you have a beautiful classic sofa at home, with elegant curls and an elegant fabric. With our classic chairs you have the opportunity to completely perfect your seating area. Our chairs perfectly match these types of sofas. But they can also be combined excellently with dark cabinets with lots of carvings or a classic wooden floor. Maybe you have wall coverings at home, just like the palaces of the past had. Then our chairs will look great in your home! The designs of our chairs ensure that they have a beautiful, timeless appearance. This makes them look fantastic with other classic furniture, but that's not all! Because these chairs are also a good choice if you don't have a classic style at home yet. Combine the chairs with wooden furniture, or beautiful metals such as gold and copper. Who knows, you might soon be crazy about the classic style too!

Appearance isn't everything either

Our classic chairs are a beautiful addition to the rest of your classic interior. But of course you also want to be able to sit comfortably on your new chairs! We have good news for you in that regard. Our chairs are not only comfortable, but they also support your back well. This way you can stay on your latest acquisition for a longer period of time without any problems. The chairs are therefore not only suitable as dining room chairs, but your guests can also sit comfortably during a party. And that's very nice, right?


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