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Go for style with robust dining room chairs!

Ga voor stijl met robuuste eetkamerstoelen⁠!

Good dining room chairs are much more important than most people think. But when you think about it, it actually makes a lot of sense. After a busy day at work, you want to relax. Often the first thing you do when you get home is have a nice bite to eat. And you do that while sitting, at the dining table! Then of course you want to be able to sit comfortably. In this blog you can read all about our robust dining room chairs, which give your interior a cool look!

Because the cool and industrial style is all the rage these days. And that is not surprising at all, because the combination of wood and metal is also a very good idea! This style harkens back to the factory buildings of the past, but in a pleasant way. Think of sturdy materials, such as brick and iron, that are combined with wooden beams and wooden floors. But if you like this style, you don't have to renovate your entire house! You can also easily bring an industrial style into your home with furniture and accessories.

Industrial and robust dining room chairs

Our robust chairs completely match this style. The contemporary look of our designs ensures that you create a distinctive atmosphere in your home, without having to completely overhaul your entire interior. That makes a difference again, right? This way you can try out the industrial atmosphere without any problems, without too much risk. Our robust chairs radiate that they are rough and unfinished, and combine this with a very pleasant seat. This way you actually have the best of both worlds! The chairs have little to no extra decorations, but are minimalist and sleek. Of course, that doesn't mean the chairs are boring! We have a few models that combine industrial metal with beautiful leather. The combination creates a beautiful appearance that looks great with a sturdy dining table. Don't have an industrial dining table and don't really want one? Then you are lucky! Our robust dining room chairs are very easy to combine with furniture that does not have an industrial look. That is the ideal thing about industrial chairs, they also work very well in a neutral interior. This way you can easily add a somewhat robust style to your interior, without completely changing course.

Nice and sturdy

Our chairs are made of sturdy materials to give them a robust look. But that has a second advantage, in addition to the beautiful appearance! Our chairs not only look robust, they are also robust. These dining room chairs can take a beating. And that's quite nice for chairs that will be used a lot, right? When choosing dining room chairs, you should pay attention to a few things so that you can be sure that you can sit comfortably. Therefore, look carefully at the seat height and seat depth of the chairs you want. Depending on your height you can vary this. It is important that you can stand with your feet properly on the floor and that you can make a good angle with your knees. This is the best way to sit, so you won't have any problems with your back. For taller people it is therefore smart to opt for a higher seat height and a large seat depth. For smaller people it is the other way around: a lower seat and a seating area that is a bit shorter. Our robust dining room chairs all have a sturdy backrest, so you are well supported. Even after a 9-course dinner, you won't get tired of these chairs! All you have to worry about is which chairs suit your taste best!


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