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Give your interior a classic look with a marble side table

Geef je interieur een klassieke look met een marmeren bijzettafel

How do you really give your living room a stylish and chic look? Well, very easy. With a marble side table of course! This piece of furniture is practical and beautiful. Are you ready for that real designer effect? We show you how to style marble in your home.

Who ever has enough side tables in their house? At least we don't! There is no single piece of furniture as versatile as the side table. You place them wherever you want: the possibilities are endless. And because they are usually handy and light tables, you can move them very easily. They are always exactly where you need them. For example, a side table fits very nicely in front of your sofa. Nice to be the center of attention! Ideal for serving your bowl of chips and glass of cola during a fun movie night with friends. And are you lying alone on the couch watching Netflix or relaxing after a busy day at work? Then it's best to put your feet on the side table. We won't tell anyone! But it's not just your sofa that deserves a side table. How about the lounge chair in the corner? Or that one boring spot? You can brighten up every corner with a marble side table. Place a plant on it or a nice collection of vases or tea lights and you're good to go!

Marble side tables: for a little extra class

Do you want to add some atmosphere to your interior? Are you looking for that little bit of extra class and that chic look? Then a marble side table is really the solution. The material has been used for thousands of years, but is still ultra-modern. You see it everywhere! And we understand that very well, because marble is not only cozy, but also very stylish. Marble is a natural material and therefore completely unique. The composition of the minerals calcite, dolomite and argonite provide many different colors in this material. But of course you also have the more affordable items in a marble look. It is almost indistinguishable from the real thing!

How do you style marble?

Many people know marble as a material that you use in the bathroom. But it's so much more than that these days! Marble is literally everywhere. You see more and more marble accessories, such as vases or candlesticks. But an entire table made of marble is also possible! Then you really have a statement piece in your living room. And that also applies to a side table. It is small enough not to be too dominant, but it does attract attention. If you style marble correctly, it will immediately have that modern and stylish look. For example, you can mix it very nicely with metal details, such as brass or copper. But you can also combine the cool marble with the warm appearance of wood. That creates an exciting contrast!

Do it your way!

Whatever style you have in your home: a marble side table always looks good. There are many interior styles and sometimes it seems like you have to adhere to a lot of rules in interior design. But that is not the case at all! Only choose the items that you really like. What makes you happy? Create your own combination of different styles. This way you can create your own personal interior.

Natural product

Marble is a natural product. Solo Home therefore considers it very important that the material is selected with the greatest care. This way you can be sure that the products you buy from us have always been formulated with care for the environment. And that means they also last a very long time. Our marble side tables can take a beating. And that is so handy!


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