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Enjoy series in your TV chair

Geniet van series in je tv-stoel

Watching television from the couch is of course fine, but you can't really stretch out on a couch and watch television. But there is a solution for that! We have beautiful TV chairs in our range. These chairs are perfect for relaxing and not thinking about anything. We show you what you should pay attention to when buying a television chair. Watching television is wonderful to relax for a while. Then it doesn't matter whether you put on your favorite television program, watch a good movie or check out the latest series, because in all cases you can relax!

What should you pay attention to when buying TV chairs?

Even when you're not relaxing, you still sit quite often during the day. That is why it is a good idea to make sure that you are really comfortable in the chair you are going to use to relax. To be sure, you can pay attention to a few things. For example, look carefully at the headrest to see whether you can adjust it. With a good headrest you can be sure that your neck will not hurt, which is very pleasant! You can also pay attention to the armrests, so that you can rest your arms while watching your favorite series. We haven't even discussed the most important thing yet! Do you want your TV chair to fold out, so that you can lie flat with your legs up? Because then you can really relax professionally! Just be careful that you don't fall asleep after watching a few episodes. In addition to fold-out chairs, we also have chairs with a separate area for your feet. This way you not only have a chair that you can sit on normally, but also a lounger when you slide the footstool in front of it. The best of both worlds!

Complete your living room

It is of course extremely important that your relaxing chair fits properly. But it is certainly not wrong to pay a little attention to the style and appearance of the chair. The chair will probably be placed in your living room and you want the armchair to match the rest of your interior. Fortunately, we have good news in that regard! Our armchairs all have modern and timeless designs. We did this on purpose, because this way it is very easy to combine the chairs with the rest of your furniture. But we also wanted to make sure that everyone could agree with the style of our chairs. That is why we have many different models that lend themselves very well to different types of interiors. We have modern chairs that go well with a beautiful wooden floor or other wooden furniture. For fans of a more chic living room design, we also have chairs finished with real leather. That is not only very soft, but also looks beautiful. Whatever style you choose, with a TV chair you can easily create a relaxed atmosphere in your home. The chair invites you to sit comfortably and combines this with a beautiful appearance!

How do you optimally use a TV chair?

Naturally, you buy a television chair to watch television. That is why it is good to think about where you want to put the chair. If you buy an armchair that cannot swivel, you naturally want to be able to watch the TV at a nice angle, so that your neck does not hurt. With a rotating chair this is of course less of a problem! And, just between us, a television chair is of course also ideal for reading a good book. But you don't get that from us!


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