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history of the dressing table

geschiedenis van de kaptafel

Everything you need to know about the history of the dressing table

You may not immediately think of it, but that beautiful new dressing table in front of you has a long history. Centuries ago, women were already busy with #beautygoals. Did you know that even the Egyptians had small pieces of furniture that resemble what we now know as the dressing table? It all started with a small box.


Egyptian women saw their makeup as their most prized possession. So they also did their utmost to keep their beauty secrets. This is how the predecessor of the dressing table was born, in the form of a simple but beautiful box. These treasuries survived through the centuries. They became more and more beautiful, bigger and more luxurious. Naturally, these items were only for the absolute elite. You always had a servant nearby who could carry the box for you. Fortunately, this Princess dressing table is no longer just for the lucky few. Although the name remains royal, of course.

More than a box

In the 17th century, every woman wanted such a personal beauty box . There was increasing demand for furniture makers who could make such a box. The Egyptian eyeliner had now made way for a much larger stock of beauty products. Women, but also men, often spent hours on their beauty ritual. And without Instagram to get inspiration. The treasure chests with favorite products were overflowing. So the best furniture makers in Europe got a better idea and the dressing table was born. You can still benefit from this now. Luckily you don't need that high 17th century wig.

Social function

The beauty boxes quickly became too small. Centuries ago, women also wanted a place where they could maintain their social lives. Not surprising, makeup is much more fun when you can do it in company, right? This is how the first dressing table was born. You could place it anywhere and you could immediately entertain your friends. They became increasingly useful and stylish with bent drawers and folding mirrors. The design of the dressing table also kept up with living trends in the 18th century. So history repeats itself. Don't you also want your furniture to fit in with your interior style?


In the 20th century, the dressing table became a true symbol. Anyone who used a dressing table automatically became a vamp. Logical, because Hollywood also used them in many sets. Maybe you know the classic films from the 1920s. You see the femme fatale with red nails and lips sitting at her dressing table. Even the boa is not missing. Anyone who had a dressing table loved ultimate luxury and refinement. You can now relive that feeling with this dressing table .


In the time of Flower Power, furniture pieces were also quite lavish. Not only in terms of color (orange and green, anyone?), but also the design was often quite eccentric in the 1960s. The dressing table also participated in that trend. Nothing wrong with vintage, but refined white is often a better choice. Only in the years that followed did the timeless and stylish design as we know it come into fashion. Now you can use a dressing table in every room of your home, regardless of the style of your furnishings.


It's hard to imagine that Cleopatra had to make do with some black eyeliner. Your make-up collection is large, so you need a lot of storage space. A dressing table ensures that you can do your beauty ritual in peace. No more hastily touching up your make-up in your hallway, but you can actually sit down and do it. Plenty of storage space and a large mirror so you won't miss any details. This way it also becomes a real moment for yourself.


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