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Goedkope Matrassen Kopen

Buy cheap mattresses

There are many different mattresses for sale in various price ranges. If you decide to buy a new mattress, should you choose an expensive mattress or are cheap mattresses also good?

Recent research shows that as many as 50% of people who bought a mattress in a store are not sure whether they made the right choice. You will sleep on that mattress for the next 10 years! But the choice seems more difficult than it actually is.

Marketing terms do not make a mattress better.

When purchasing a mattress, you regularly come across an unnecessary number of technical terms. These technical terms are sales tactics. Sometimes there are four different names for one material.

Just look at a mattress commercial on television. Technical terms are thrown around there. Do you understand anything? We do not! But that's exactly the trick. If you don't understand anything and if it sounds very complicated, then it must have been well thought out, right? Although it all sounds very interesting, we dare to say that these names and technical gadgets do not necessarily help you sleep better.

Brand name? You pay a fortune for that!

Of course, some brands have a reputation for delivering good quality. And they may also be great mattresses. But because that one name of that large company is on it, it is no longer a cheap mattress!

And often, if it's a very large company, you're not just paying for the mattress. You pay for the production, for the intermediaries, the transport, for the salesperson who wants to get his bonus, for those enormous storefronts, television commercials, and so on.

Conclusion of the consumer association:

The consumer association has drawn the same conclusion; expensive mattresses are not always better than cheap mattresses. So you can't just relate the quality of a mattress to the price, you now know that.

But what are good quality yet cheap mattresses?

Solo Home's mission; quality and cheap mattresses.

Solo Home's mission is to help Dutch people sleep better on the best mattress. A good night's sleep is important for everyone, whether you earn a lot or a little less. So we want a good night's sleep to be affordable for everyone. Your mattress is the basis of your night's sleep. When you are rested, you feel fit and energetic.

You can enjoy the things you like to do, because that is really important. If you've already spent all your money on a new, expensive mattress, you won't have any money left to do the things you really enjoy. We don't want that!

That is why we produce good quality mattresses and ensure that these are also cheap mattresses. We want to help you ensure that you at least have money and energy left to enjoy the things you like to do.

How does Solo Home provide good, but cheap mattresses?

The quality of our mattresses is good. This is evident from the tests we do on our mattresses, but also from the reviews we receive from our customers.

We use high-quality materials from Belgium and we produce with years of experience. But how do we at Solo Home ensure that our good mattresses also remain cheap mattresses? Very simple; we cut unnecessary costs!

Order cheaply online.

Perfectmatras deliberately only sells mattresses online . This means we do n't have to pay for large retail properties and vendors . That will save you and us a lot of money! After all, the customer ultimately pays all costs. It also saves a lot of time if you buy your mattress online and you can easily compare.

Of course you cannot try the mattress in advance, that is a disadvantage. If you go to a store you can try mattresses. Then you can choose a mattress that suits you based on your own feelings. But after a few minutes of lying down, do you know which mattress you sleep well on?

And after trying twenty mattresses, do you still know which one you like? As previously described, recent research has shown that as many as 50% of people who bought a mattress in a store are not sure whether they have made the right choice. So you don't have a real guarantee if you buy a mattress in a store.

If you order your mattress online you can easily compare and at Solo Home we will help you make a choice. And if you are not happy with the mattress you ordered: If the hygiene seal has not yet been broken, you can easily return the mattress.

Cheap transportation

Our mattresses are produced here in Europe. As a result, the mattresses do not have to be transported far. That of course saves a lot of money. But the packaging of our mattresses also makes transport a lot cheaper. Solo Home mattresses are vacuum packed and rolled up. As a result, they naturally take up much less space in the truck. However, this packaging also protects the mattresses for transport. And it is also very hygienic, because the packaging is airtight. This keeps dirt out.

Does this method of packaging detract from quality? No! We have conducted numerous tests and it has shown that our packaging method does not damage the quality of the mattresses. The consumer association has also done these tests and confirms that this method of packaging does not damage mattresses.

“Bring on those perfect and cheap mattresses!”

Are you now curious about Solo Home mattresses? To ensure that you don't have to spend hours searching (time is money!), we have figured out which mattress best suits a certain phase of life. Save your time and money and order your Perfect mattress, so that you not only have money but also energy left to do fun things.

The Foam Mattress Rookie © is the best choice for children and young people.

The Pocket Spring Mattress Life © is the best choice for adults who want to rest after a tiring day.

The Bonell Mattress Evergreen © mattress is the best mattress for people who like trusted, firm quality.

The Latex Mattress Relax © is the best choice for people who love luxury


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