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Cheap garden chairs can also be beautiful!

Goedkope tuinstoelen kunnen ook prachtig zijn!

Who actually thought that only expensive things can be beautiful? Because we at Solo Home totally disagree with that! We like to sell beautiful things that are also affordable. We think that's fair! Our cheap garden chairs are the perfect example of this. These garden chairs look very good, are comfortable and are also affordable. That's a fantastic combination, isn't it? Garden chairs are very nice to have in the garden. This way you have a nice spot where you can sit and enjoy the sun. On lovely summer days you can start the day perfectly with a cup of coffee in the sun. Or enjoy the last rays of sunshine in your lovely chair in the evening. During the holidays, sit in the sun with your feet up and a good book. And with a few garden chairs in the garden you have enough seating space to have a nice barbecue. Let the outdoor life begin, because with our cheap garden chairs you are ready for it!

Cheap garden chairs with the best quality

There is nothing more annoying than buying a nice new piece of furniture and discovering that it is not as sturdy as you had hoped. We put a stop to that. Because these cheap garden chairs are of fantastic quality despite the price. You may wonder how we do that, combining such great quality with a low price. But there's no crazy trick behind it, it's very simple! Solo Home is a company that only exists online. We do not have an expensive showroom in Amsterdam or stores in different locations. And believe us, that saves a lot of costs! That is why we can supply beautiful products for a low price. Ideal, right? The story becomes even more beautiful, because these garden chairs are made of a beautiful type of wood: acacia. It is therefore not without reason that they are of such high quality, because acacia wood is one of the strongest types of wood we know. Stronger than oak, for example, and better able to withstand the weather. Actually the ideal wood to put in the garden! But acacia is not only sturdy, but also very beautiful. The wood is known for its deep color, with many color shades and flame drawings. And every plank is different! So every chair you place in the garden is a unique product. How cool is that? To make the chairs completely complete, we finished them with teak. Acacia and teak color match fantastically and give the chair a beautiful appearance.

Sustainable and honest

The use of wood for the production of furniture can be bad for the environment. That is why at Solo Home we only use wood with an FSC quality mark. This quality mark shows that the wood comes from forests where sustainability is carefully taken into account. For example, the forest is well maintained and the felled wood is replanted. This is how we preserve the forest together! The FSC quality mark also shows that everyone who works in the forest is paid fairly. Of course we would be happy to help with that! These cheap garden chairs are not just any garden chairs, but sustainable and fair products. So you can enjoy these beautiful natural products without any guilt. Sitting in the sun with something delicious to drink has never been so pleasant. These chairs complete your garden. Whether you have a tiled garden or a garden full of nature, these chairs complete the picture. What are you waiting for?


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