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Enjoy dining in the garden with a garden set with dining table!

Heerlijk dineren in de tuin met een tuinset met eettafel!

How do you enjoy the nice weather in the best way? Or long and warm summer evenings? By being able to sit in the garden, of course! You only need one thing for that. A nice and good garden chair that you can sit comfortably on. In that respect, we have the answer to all your questions, because these hardwood garden chairs meet all your wishes! What are you waiting for? A garden chair must meet two important requirements. The chair must look good and the chair must also be comfortable. We have good news, because these garden chairs not only look fantastic, you can also relax on them! We have chosen acacia hardwood, which provides chairs with a warm appearance that look fantastic in virtually any garden. Whether you have a lot of greenery or have opted for a large terrace, with these chairs you can make your garden absolutely perfect. And you also get these garden chairs for a great price! This is possible because we are an exclusively online company. No expensive showrooms, which means our prices can be lowered. It really couldn't get any better, right?

Hardwood garden chairs: completely to your taste!

A nice garden adds a lot to your home! You may not think about it so much in the rainy autumn, but in the summer it is wonderful to enjoy the sunny days and warm evenings. Of course, this works best when you can sit in a nice chair! And you're also in the right place when it comes to appearance. These beautiful chairs are made of acacia wood and this wood is known for its beautiful color and flame drawings. The different grains and color shades that you find in acacia wood planks are different every time. And that makes these hardwood garden chairs very special furniture! Because you won't find the chair that may soon be in your garden anywhere else. How cool is that? Acacia wood is also excellent for making garden furniture , because it can withstand wind and weather well. But to be completely sure of this, we also treat all our garden furniture with oil. This means the chairs last longer! In the case of acacia wood, it makes the color a little deeper, because of course that is a bonus! Did you know that acacia wood is also known for its hardness? It is even sturdier than oak. This means that these chairs can take a beating!

Only sustainable wood

Wooden furniture is often not the most durable furniture. Logging is not always good for the environment. Fortunately, we have found a good solution at Solo Home! We have therefore made the decision to only work with wood with an FSC quality mark. This strict quality mark ensures that we only use wood from controlled forest felling in the production of our furniture. Controlled forest clearing, for example, pays close attention to the future of the forest and the animals that live there. This way, not too many trees are cut down at the same time and trees are replanted to maintain the forest. This way we can use wood for beautiful furniture, but we also ensure that we do not lose the forests! In addition, the FSC quality mark also ensures that everyone in the industry is paid fairly. And that's worth something too! The fact that FSC wood is more expensive than regular wood is not a problem for us. And because of our low costs as an online company, you do not have to worry about this as a potential buyer! Take a quick look at our range and find your favorite sustainable hardwood garden chair !

Do you have a small garden or balcony?

No problem. Our bistro set is perfect as a small garden set for your balcony. Big enough to dine on, small enough not to get in the way. Did we mention that you get a free plant rack?

In short, by choosing a garden set and/or a garden dining table with garden chairs from Solo Home, you choose furniture that is not only stylish and comfortable, but also durable. You can enjoy your meals in the garden knowing that you are doing your part to protect the environment. Who knew being eco-friendly could be so tasty?


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