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The beauty secret for all busy mothers!

Het beauty geheim voor alle drukke moeders!

The beauty secret for all busy mothers!

Actually, you just want some time for yourself in the morning. How nice would it be if you could start your beauty ritual in peace and quiet without being disturbed? Of course you also want to start your day well, but it seems to take longer every morning. First you stand in line for the bathroom, and when it's finally your turn it's a big mess. You no longer have an overview of your things and your day starts anything but optimally. This can be done differently, and the solution is simple. Why not buy a dressing table?


To start your day quietly, you need a place in your home for yourself. Somewhere where you can store all your things, from that perfect foundation to your nail polish remover. No curious children around and your partner has no business here either. But where in your home do you create such a space? Even if you don't have much space available, this dressing table is the ideal solution. Stylish and refined, an addition to any room in your home. You can be sure that you will never lose track of your best beauty products again.


A dressing table is ideal and suitable for every woman. You can also find a nice place for this in your house, which sometimes seems to have been taken over by your children. This compact dressing table takes up little space, so every wasted corner can be used. The sleek design provides a stylish appearance. White is always good, so whether you put your new dressing table in your bedroom or in the attic next to your wardrobe, it goes with everything. Do you already see your nail polish pots beautifully displayed? With a power socket nearby, you now have all the space and peace to do your hair.

Storage space

Do you sometimes tidy up and are shocked by how much stuff you have collected over time? It goes unnoticed, but before you know it your storage space is completely clogged up. Not useful, because then you no longer know what you have. That beautiful eye pencil or that beautiful necklace gets buried under the other things. That's why this dressing table also has two deep drawers with plenty of space. Do you already know? Hair stuff in the left, makeup in the right?

Easy installation

When you are looking for new furniture, you probably don't want to spend hours installing it. Fussing with manuals and screws probably doesn't sound like music to your ears. This dressing table will not cause you any annoyances, because it is easy to assemble. You will no longer miss a detail during your morning routine thanks to the included mirror. No less than 54.4 cm wide and 84.4 cm high, a nice generous size! You can go in any direction with it. Do you hang it horizontally or vertically?

Good price

It is sometimes shocking to see the prices of dressing tables. Often they can't even be called beautiful, but the price tags don't lie. Dressing table Princess lives up to its name, because you like to look at this. The timeless design and the abundance of storage space guarantee you hours of beauty pleasure. Don't worry about the price, you won't have to break the bank for this dressing table . Your beauty moment can begin!


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