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The mattress of your dreams: a pocket spring mattress with memory foam!

Het matras van je dromen: een pocketveermatras met traagschuim!

Pocket spring mattress with memory foam: a dream combination!

With a pocket spring mattress with memory foam you have the best of both worlds in one mattress! The pocket springs make the mattress nice and bouncy and supportive and the memory foam ensures that you lie wonderfully soft. Ideal if you quickly suffer from joint pain!

Finding the perfect mattress is often quite a hassle. How do you find that one good mattress that fits your body perfectly? You have pocket springs , memory foam , cold foam and many more materials. But did you also know that there are mattresses with a combination of two materials? This way you have the benefits of both materials!

A pocket spring mattress with memory foam?

A pocket spring mattress with memory foam consists of a core of pocket springs surrounded by a layer of warm and comfortable memory foam. Handy, because then you have the comfortable support of the pocket springs, but you are still nice and soft and warm thanks to the memory foam.

What are the advantages of pocket spring mattresses with memory foam?

The pocket springs in the mattress give you a lot of support. All feathers are packaged separately. This means that they can adapt to your body independently of each other. Very comfortable, because the suspension adapts to every movement you make. This way you always have the best support for the way you lie. The following applies: the more springs per square meter, the more comfortable the mattress. The mattress embraces you and helps you keep your spine straight, no matter what position you lie in. When you lie down, you immediately feel that you are supported from your head to your toes. It's wonderful to fall asleep and wake up the next morning feeling fresh and fruity!

What does the memory foam top layer do?

The top layer of this pocket spring mattress with memory foam ensures that you lie wonderfully soft, softer than on a top layer of cold foam, for example. Because the foam adapts completely to your body, this top layer provides good support for your body and provides pressure relief for your shoulders, knees and hips. Memory foam is also nice and warm and soft due to its closed cell structure. Ideal if you often feel cold at night, but are looking for a mattress that ventilates well. The pocket springs take care of that! These types of mattresses are often used by people who have to lie in bed for long periods of time or who have muscle or joint complaints, but also by athletes.

Did you know that memory foam was originally developed by space travel? Because it has such a pressure-relieving effect, it is very useful during a rocket launch and in space. It is made of visco-elastic polyurethane and is also called memory foam, lazy foam or slow motion foam. This is due to the structure of the foam. When you lie on it, the mattress molds to your body. The mattress then very slowly returns to its original shape.

Find the pocket spring mattress with memory foam that suits you here!

Solo Home has a wide range of mattresses made from all kinds of different materials and combinations thereof. Are you looking for a comfortable mattress that offers a lot of support and is nice and warm, but still ventilates well from the core? Then the pocket spring mattress with memory foam is perfect for you!


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