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Here you will find the best mattresses on sale!

Hier vind je de lekkerste matrassen in de aanbieding!

Always the best mattresses on offer

At Solo Home you will always find the mattress you are looking for. And the great thing is: we always have mattresses on offer. We think it is extremely important that everyone, regardless of budget or lifestyle, can sleep on a good mattress. But which mattress suits you best? In this blog we will show you all the different options. This way you can be sure that you buy the best (and most affordable) mattress that suits your sleeping needs.

The search for that one mattress can be quite difficult. Because there are so many shapes and sizes! But that can also be an advantage, because this way you can be sure that there is always a mattress that really suits your needs. Because at Solo Home we always have mattresses on sale and sell them at very affordable prices, you don't have to worry that this will cost a fortune. Will you read along to see what types of mattresses there are?

Which mattress offer suits me?

Do you like hard mattresses or soft ones? Do you get cold easily at night or do you often sweat? Do you need extra support or would you rather sink into your bed? Are your joints bothering you? Or looking for an extra hygienic mattress? All these factors together determine which mattress suits you best. And did you know that you always find mattresses on sale at Solo Home?

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is also known as memory foam. This is because this material always dents a little when someone lies on it. The material then slowly returns to its original shape, but an 'imprint' always remains visible. This makes the mattress feel wonderfully soft and bouncy and it offers good support. This material is perfect if you suffer from joint pain, because the pressure on your body is evenly distributed over the mattress. It ventilates less well than, for example, cold foam, so it is less suitable if you get warm quickly. It is ideal for winter, because then you have a wonderfully cozy and warm bed

Cold foam mattress

Cold foam is extremely durable. It feels sturdy and resilient and it also ventilates great. Very nice if you sweat a lot at night or get hot quickly. Handy during warm summer nights! A cold foam mattress is also very suitable for heavier sleepers, because the material offers extra support due to its stiffness. The chance of holes forming is also very small with cold foam.

Pocket spring mattress

Looking for a super comfortable mattress that ensures that your spine is always perfectly straight? Then the pocket spring mattress is your new best friend. The individually wrapped steel springs ensure that the mattress feels wonderfully bouncy and that you are well supported.

Latex mattress

Latex mattresses are made for everyone who likes to sleep comfortably and cool. The latex has a cooling effect and also has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. This makes a latex mattress extremely hygienic! In addition, latex is very sustainable and ecologically responsible.

Which mattress offer do you choose?

Now all you have to do is choose which mattresses on offer suit you best. Take a quick look at the range!


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