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Here you will find the most beautiful industrial bar stools!

Hier vind je de mooiste industriële barkrukken!

Do you have a high dining table or bar in your kitchen? Then industrial bar stools are the perfect addition! You complete your nice corner and you immediately create a cool appearance. What else do you want? A little practical use perhaps? That's a good thing, because we explain to you why bar stools are so useful in your dining area. Are you reading along? Industrial bar stools are not only beautiful to look at, but also very practical. Great if you have a smaller space to eat. Because the bar stools are so high and narrow, they take up very little space. Enjoy the heights! Handy if you don't have the space for a large dining table. But even if you do have a dining table in your home, a bar with bar stools can be a very cozy addition. These bar stools give a nice playful effect to your dining area. The ideal place to drink your first cup of coffee in the morning or to read the newspaper in detail. And also a nice place to sit while someone else is cooking. This way you can continue chatting! And how about a nice drink spot? Also at that bar of course! If you combine a bar with a dining area you have endless possibilities. Where do you prefer to sit?

The industrial bar stool

Our industrial bar stools immediately give a very cool touch to your dining area. They are not only handy, but also very stylish. But what does that industrial style actually mean? Very easy: just think of a beautiful old loft in New York. Such an open space where you can still see the unfinished walls and where the pipes and cables have not been concealed, but are part of the interior. Do you see the picture in your mind? The industrial interior trend consists of raw and robust elements. Think brick walls, steel stairs, wide open spaces and leather sofas. The colors that go well with this are brown, black, gray and army green. In terms of materials you can think of leather, wood, steel and concrete. So everyone is nice and cool! But of course you can't only use industrial bar stools in an industrial interior. Do you have a more modern or chic interior? Then these bar stools can provide that little bit of extra spice and coolness.

How comfortable is a bar stool?

Well, we can be brief about that. Very comfortable indeed! Many people think that you cannot sit comfortably on a bar stool, but you are proven wrong! Because did you know that you don't necessarily need an expensive dining table with matching chairs to sit comfortably? A bar with matching bar stools is just as comfortable. Always make sure that you choose the correct height bar stool for your bar. There are different heights available! How do you choose the most comfortable bar stool? Then you have to pay attention to a few things. For example, see if there is a handy support for your feet. You don't want your feet to dangle. That may be nice for a while, but never for very long! Do your feet fit well on the support? Then you will be sitting comfortably! In addition, a bar stool with a backrest is always more comfortable than a stool without a backrest. And are you going for the most comfort? Then there are also bar stools that have armrests. This way your body is properly supported everywhere. We bet you can last a few courses on that bar stool?


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