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How ideal is a loft bed for children?

Hoe ideaal is een hoogslaper kinderbed?

Loft bed children's bed: space-saving and multifunctional!

Are you looking for a loft bed for children ? Then look no further, because Solo Home has the most convenient combination for you: a bed and desk in one. Imagine how much space you can save in your child's room or perhaps your student room!

The name already gives it away a bit, a loft bed is a high bed. The biggest advantage of this is that you can use the space under the bed for something else. For example, you can place a seating area or sofa there. Or even more convenient: a desk and storage space.

Various loft beds for children

Solo Home has the perfect loft bed for children! The bed is available in different colours. Does your child like white , pink or green ? Or would you rather have a beautiful, striking blue loft bed ? Everything is possible! This way you will always find a loft bed that exactly matches your interior and the wishes of your child. This bed will become the favorite item in the nursery. Not only for your child, but also for you!

Space saving bed

Is your family growing, but your living space not? Are the kids growing and want their own big bed? This can sometimes cause problems in a small home. Then a loft bed is the perfect solution for this! This bed saves a lot of space. Because the bed is so high, everything fits underneath. The loft beds from Solo Home are a bed and desk in one: super multifunctional! In addition, the bed also has a lot of storage space, perfect for small spaces. Every centimeter of the bed is put to good use: you can even store things in the stairs. What is also very nice is that this bed does not have a scary, steep ladder, but a real staircase. Nice and safe when your child climbs into his/her own bed!

This loft bed for children is a true timeless classic. Fun for children, but also super useful when your son or daughter moves into a room. A space-saving bed is ideal then. It takes up little space, but still offers plenty of storage space and a nice desk to study at.

Quality and safety

This loft bed for children is made of ultra-durable materials (solid wood and MDF), at a price that everyone can afford. We believe affordable quality is extremely important, also for children's beds. We believe that everyone deserves a good night's sleep, regardless of your age, stage of life or budget. In addition, this bed meets all strict safety requirements of the TÜV. This way you can be sure that your child sleeps completely safely! And also important: the bed has a safety barrier and fall protection, so that your son or daughter cannot fall out of bed while sleeping or playing.

Fast delivery

This bed has a short delivery time of 4 to 8 working days, so your new bed will arrive quickly! Because nothing is as annoying as ordering a bed online and then having to wait a long time until it finally arrives. And even better: you get the mattress for free! Is the bed not quite what you expected? No problem, because you have 14 days to change your mind. Which color are you going for?


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