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How do you style a rattan mirror?

Hoe stijl je een rotan spiegel?

A rattan mirror immediately gives your home a nice and natural look. The cozy vintage look gives your home a wonderfully stylish touch and a lot of atmosphere! But how do you actually style such a mirror? And where does it come into its own? Solo Home explains it to you! You can't do without a mirror . Not really! Because a practical and beautiful mirror always comes in handy. Wherever you hang it: it is always useful. In the living room, bedroom or hallway: a mirror is a must for every room. Because you also want to be able to take a good look at yourself in the morning while brushing your teeth? And want to check whether your shoes match your earrings? It is also nice to quickly check that you have nothing between your teeth before you go out the door. A good mirror really is your best friend. Because secretly we are all a bit vain, right? Yet a mirror is not only practical for your home. It also gives a very stylish effect. This way you can really create a beautiful vintage look with a rattan mirror. And did you know that with a well-placed mirror you can make your space appear larger? It immediately gives a feeling of spaciousness in a room. This makes your small bedroom or narrow living room suddenly seem a lot bigger! And is your room a bit on the dark side? By cleverly hanging or placing the mirror, you create a lighter effect. That sounds good, right?

Rattan mirrors provide a natural look

A mirror not only shows your reflection, but also your style! With this accessory you can perfectly show off your own interior style. Because a mirror is not only handy and functional, but also a real statement piece in your home. Because let's be honest: who wants a boring mirror? Yes, of course, you would much rather opt for a striking item that really suits you. And the good news is: Solo Home's range is so large that we promise you that you will always find the perfect mirror. Really and truly! Do you choose a rattan mirror ? Then you go for a nice natural look in your home. Did you know that research shows that a natural environment causes less stress? So bring that outdoor feeling indoors! You can do this, for example, by letting a lot of daylight into your home. Think of: large windows and skylights. But you can also create a nice natural atmosphere in your living room by using plants and natural materials. A rattan mirror fits perfectly with that!

Vintage look

The rattan also immediately gives the mirror that cozy and attractive vintage look. This style is also characterized by natural materials and retro items. And when you say retro, you naturally also say rattan! This material was popular in the past, but has made a comeback in recent years in the living rooms of the most stylish interior design enthusiasts.

Buy a mirror

You can buy our rattan mirrors online. We will ship your new purchase to your home very quickly. And the good thing is: you don't have to worry about a broken mirror! Because we handle extra fragile items like these with extra care. This way, your mirror always receives an extra layer of packaging and we are super careful. So careful that our breakage rate is only 1 percent! And you have that one unlucky person whose mirror has a crack? You will then immediately receive a new one for free. All you have to do is hang the mirror! And that is very easy, because we have already mounted it for you with an extra sturdy hanger. This way you can be sure that it always hangs properly. And did you know that our mirrors are also produced very sustainably and environmentally consciously? So they last a nice long time. What else do you want?


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