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Your own beauty corner

Je eigen schoonheidshoekje

This way you can create your own beauty corner in no time!

Do you sometimes go to a wellness or beauty salon for a day of relaxation or a treatment? Then you know better than anyone how rested and relaxed you will come home from it. Too bad it's so expensive, otherwise you would want it much more often. How cool would it be if you could find that relaxation at home? In your own home, without having to be shocked by the bill afterwards? Breaking news: it is not difficult at all to create that vanity corner at home .

Luxury home

What do you like most about your favorite salon? Maybe the thick towels they use. The luxurious chairs, the colors on the walls or the smell? If you know what gives you that ultimate feeling of relaxation, you can also use it at home. There are countless fragrance lines for room perfumes. You feel like you are in a hammam in your own home. Soft luxurious towels are an investment, but you only need a few. In the bathroom you simply use the cheaper one. This luxury is only for you.


The employee in the salon has all the time for you. You choose your favorite color and you don't have to think about anything else. Add a cup of tea and you will see your nails become more beautiful. Yet it can be even better, because you can also experience this intimacy at home. Have you ever considered purchasing a dressing table? You can sit comfortably in a comfortable chair. Your own salon at home, all the time for yourself. No more small talk about the weather and the holidays. You can also prepare the tea yourself.


In a busy life, relaxation is important. Making time for yourself takes some practice, but it will do you good. It doesn't matter whether you paint your nails, pluck your eyebrows or try out all your favorite lipsticks. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little vanity. In fact, those who take good care of themselves are healthier and have less stress . Dressing yourself up comes with a bonus: less flu this winter! Not only is it good for your appearance, it also benefits your immune system. Self-care does not have to be expensive at all, because this dressing table is affordable and fits into every budget.

Do it yourself

Speaking of that budget. As wonderful as those beauty treatments are, they are pricey. Unfortunately, because this means you can do them less often than you would actually like. But did you know that you can also experience those expensive treatments at home? It also takes less time, you can do it exactly when it suits you, as soon as you have some time in between. A keratin treatment for shiny hair, gel nail polish without UV lamp or a facial mask will provide new energy. Your dressing table has enough storage space for all your products, so you can easily tidy up afterwards.

Smart with space

Do you want to create that beauty corner yourself at home but do you have little space left? This Princess dressing table takes up little space. This way you always have a spot available somewhere in the house. Don't feel like DIYing? This dressing table is also suitable if you don't like DIY and carpentry, because assembly is easy. Everyone can do it. You can enjoy it to the fullest, because you have plenty of space in the large drawers. The included generous mirror can be hung both horizontally and vertically. This way your beauty ritual can start immediately!


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