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Kitchen trends in 2019

Keukentrends in 2019

Kitchen trends in 2019

We are happy to present you the trends that determine what the modern kitchen can look like. You will find that it is time to focus on simple additions or small changes that will bring a lot of innovation to the kitchen. If you want to introduce an additional element into the room, you should think carefully about how to paint the walls. Every step in improving the space will have to be done with great caution and thoughtfulness. If you follow all our trendy tips, we guarantee that you will become the owner of the most beautiful and modern kitchen, which will function optimally.

1. Incorporate nature into the space

Increase the use of wood in the kitchen to incorporate nature into the kitchen. In fact, people always long for connection with the outside world, nature. The places where wood plays a central role always radiate peace and create harmony in the room.

2. Install the pendant lights

In the kitchen, the real atmosphere can be created by the excellent choice of pendant lights above the kitchen surfaces. With them you complete the perfect look of the modern kitchen.

3. Install glass, wood or metal shelves instead of closed cabinets

One of the new trends in kitchen design is the distribution of storage space. Not so long ago, the most commonly used solutions were large closed cabinets. Instead, hang shelves made of glass, wood or metal depending on your preference. You can also store plates, beautiful crockery and flowers.

4. Add a touch of vintage style

If you want your kitchen to be something special, don't forget to add a touch of vintage style. We recommend that you look at brushed, natural stone, organic tiles or special types of lighting and use wood.

5. Be artistic and daring

A kitchen in a simple color is no longer a trend, so we can feel free to become a bit more adventurous. Color additives should be minimal, but they should provide sufficient adaptation. We recommend using colored chairs or sofas. You can also put bold colors on at least one of the walls. You can decorate the kitchen cabinets. These can be spray painted blue, green, brown or in color according to your taste. We do not recommend using a red color, as this color may make you feel less comfortable in the kitchen.

6. Return to basics

When installing the kitchen , make sure that it contains many natural different materials. We mainly concentrate on stone, wood and concrete. Such materials have been popular in the past, but today you can admire them in old houses, especially in rural areas.

7. Provide a luxurious appearance

Choose a metallic sheen. We recommend velvet matte black, gold or rose gold. You can choose more than just one type of metal. Combine them with suitable accessories and metal shelves. The warm colors should be complemented by bold surface patterns.

8. Make optimal use of kitchen surfaces

Make sure the sink in your kitchen is comfortable for you, especially when it comes to maximizing space and organization when preparing food. Cutting board, flat racks and the like must combine an important part of the kitchen equipment.

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