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Choose the right table for your dining room

Kies de juiste tafel voor je eetkamer

Choose the right table for your dining room

When we are decorating our home, we take great care with every detail. We put a lot of effort and energy into this. The dining room is often skipped, precisely because it is such an easy room. We don't have to worry about electronics, electrical outlets, cables, and the like.

However, when choosing furniture for the dining room, we must consider certain factors for functionality and appearance.

Below you will find four options for choosing a dining room table.

1. Material

One of the most important parts of choosing a suitable dining room table is the choice of materials. We have a whole mountain of options, and we have to choose something that matches the rest of the furniture, its functionality and of course, your own taste.

If you are looking for an “eternal” table, the best choice is solid wood. The table can be made entirely of wood , but lately it has also been trendy to combine a wooden top with metal legs . We recommend mahogany, walnut or oak. When buying a solid table, it is important to ensure that the table is sufficiently protected and that maintenance is not too demanding. Some tables are lacquered, others are waxed, and some have a wafer-thin protective layer.

The best alternative to natural wood in terms of appearance and quality is MDF. This is very sturdy, easy to maintain and moisture-resistant. If you like glossy tables, you want MDF.

Glass tables are great in smaller and/or dark rooms. The glass opens up the room more and eliminates the lack of light. The disadvantage of glass is cleaning. Every small spot is immediately visible and this also applies to damage such as scratches.

2. Maintenance

When maintaining or cleaning the wooden dining tables, very strong cleaning products should be avoided. Although the immediate result is experienced as very pleasant, in the long run the use of heavy cleaning products, atmosphere and light will damage the wood. To clean, use a clean cloth that is just wet enough to catch dust. Just not wet enough to get the wood wet. This also applies to imitation wood. With oiled and varnished wood, it is also important that you clean in the direction of the wood.

3. Size

The size of the table must match the size of the room. Also take into account the chairs or benches that need to be joined. There must be enough room for chairs to slide back. The general rule is that the distance from table to the wall is at least 90cm. Please note: the height of a table can also vary. The stand is approximately 75 cm and the distance between the chair and the table should be at least between 20 and 30 cm.

4. Shape

The shape of the table should also match the shape of the dining room. The most popular is a rectangular dining table , as most dining rooms are also rectangular. With a rectangular table, the choice of chairs is often larger.

The oval table has similar properties to the rectangular one. The oval table requires less space than a rectangular one. Therefore, it is better suited for smaller spaces where we still need at least 5 chairs.

If space permits, you can also opt for a stretching or folding table, so that if more guests are present, the table can offer additional places.

Finally, we have round tables that are very special and aesthetic in their own way. A round table is ideal for small, intimate gatherings of four people. We do not recommend round tables for larger groups, because the distance becomes too great due to the shape. In the case of a larger group, a folding table is also recommended here so that the table becomes oval.

Smart with space

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