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Luxury for every woman

Luxe voor elke vrouw

Luxury for every woman, every day!

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and are not happy with what you see? Do you have dry and dull hair, tired skin and have your eyebrows seen better days? Clear signal. It's high time for more time for yourself. After all, you are more than an employee, mother, wife or friend. Don't have time to visit a beauty salon? Don't feel like a full-day program in the sauna? Good news, because you can experience your beauty moment just as easily and much cheaper at home.

Hasty speed

It's been too long since you've taken the time to spruce up your appearance. It's easy to forget, between meetings and picking up the children from after-school care. When you have some time, quickly pull the hair straightener out of the cupboard. There is a good chance that it will still be a rush job. Stress is not only bad for your body, but it also makes your appearance look more tired. Ready for a fresh look? Then consider purchasing a dressing table. You can sit here and relax. Power socket nearby, so you really have time for your hair.

Self care

Do you also usually rate yourself? You want to please everyone and you forget about yourself and your own needs. Many women do it, but it is high time for a change. You are no less than anyone else and have just as much right to relaxation. Self-care is not only nice, it is even very important. Structurally making time for yourself ensures that you keep burnout at bay. You can also take better care of others if you take good care of yourself. You have time for your appearance and the people around you benefit from it. So win-win!

Full agenda

Well, time for relaxation. But how do you do that when you have little time? Don't fill up that busy agenda even more. Those who relax have more energy. You will be able to use the time you have left more effectively. Isn't it much nicer to work rested and relaxed? You will see that it is a good investment. So block some time for yourself every day in that agenda for your beauty moment. It doesn't matter when you take time for yourself at your dressing table . In the morning or in the evening, it doesn't matter as long as it works for you. You're not available for a while, that's what matters.


Maybe you were always tutting as a little girl. Twist curls in your hair and play with your mother's colorful make-up box. She probably didn't always like it. Maybe you remember how relaxing that was, to focus on your appearance for a while. Don't think about anything else and don't have to do anything for a while. So you can relive perfect mindfulness at your dressing table. In your own home, without an expensive coach or training. Research has shown that you will experience 40% less stress after just eight mindfulness beauty sessions. What are you waiting for, tune in!


If you have more self-confidence, you will feel better about yourself. Not satisfied with your appearance? Then you will not perform optimally. Do you ever get desperate with all those perfect photos on social media? We all seem to strive for an ideal image. That is not necessary at all. You are perfect the way you are. Maybe you have beautiful curls, or beautiful full lips. A provocative neckline or big eyes. Everyone has something unique. Take your time with this dressing table to discover and emphasize your beauty. In the large mirror you can see what the best lipstick color is for you, or which necklace looks best on you. If you are happy with yourself, you radiate this, even without a model size!


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