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Complete your interior with a vintage armchair

Maak je interieur compleet met een vintage fauteuil

What could be better than relaxing on the weekend after an intense working week with a good book or a nice series? Exactly, nothing! But of course, relaxing has to happen in a nice place. That is why we have a very nice collection of vintage armchairs at Solo Home. In this blog we will tell you exactly how to best style that vintage chair . Why vintage? Because the perfect armchair combines wonderful seating pleasure with a fantastic style that fits perfectly with the rest of your interior. Our armchairs meet both of these requirements! Let's first explain what exactly vintage is.

What are vintage armchairs?

With a vintage armchair you can easily create a very cozy atmosphere in your home. Because what characterizes vintage furniture , whether it is a cupboard or a chair, is the style! With vintage furniture you bring the style of a bygone era into your home. Think of a retro design, where you can clearly see influences from the past. Or the use of color, which forms a nice contrast with how modern furniture is often made. Vintage furniture often combines different materials and colors that you would not expect together. That makes you think about it a bit. Vintage has a very big advantage over antique furniture. Vintage furniture is made in a modern way, but in the style of the past. This means that you not only get beautiful furniture, but also furniture that is a lot sturdier than before. You really combine the best of both worlds! When purchasing vintage furniture, you can be sure that you will bring a real eye-catcher into your home. Vintage furniture can also be easily combined with an industrial style. This way you can create a perfect combination of styles and atmospheres at home, so that you really feel at home.

Stylish and functional

You may be thinking, 'It's nice that it is a vintage armchair , but I especially want the chair to be comfortable'. Do not worry! Because our vintage chairs are designed in such a way that they are all comfortable. Because that is extremely important for a lounge chair. You should be able to sit comfortably in an easy chair. In some models you can even lie down! This way you can dream away after a busy working week. To ensure that you choose the very best armchair , there are a few things you should pay attention to. For example, you should consider for yourself whether you want a headrest that you can change in height. And do you want a relaxing chair with or without armrests? There is something to be said for both options! You can also see whether you prefer an armchair that you can fold out, or perhaps a chair that consists of two parts. Then you have a separate bench for your feet, for example. Not only very handy, but it also looks cool!

Where do you put such a chair?

We can answer this question very simply: it's completely up to you! For example, our vintage armchairs are perfect as a television chair. Then place the chair in your living room so that you can see the television clearly from a pleasant angle. But of course that is not the only option you have! Armchairs are also perfect chairs to read a good book. Then place your chair in a good spot near the window. Then you not only have natural light to read by, but you can also daydream while looking outside. But it actually doesn't matter where you put the chair, as long as you can relax in it, right?


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