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Mattress maintenance? Just do it yourself!

Matras-onderhoud? Gewoon zelf doen!

Did you know that we spend one third of our lives on a mattress?

This makes the mattress one of the most useful pieces of furniture in our lives, but, strangely enough, also one of the least cleaned. Because mattress cleaning is not easy, it is usually not done and the mattress is eventually just replaced.

Thanks to washable mattress covers, it has become a lot easier, but that does not mean that the work is done. Apart from the cover, it is also necessary to perform consistent maintenance on the mattress to extend its lifespan. Remember: a good mattress is crucial for a good night's sleep and comfort.

In the meantime, it is necessary to give the mattress a nice freshening up every now and then. Otherwise, you will have to replace the mattress much sooner than necessary. Nowadays we also have mattresses that have a summer and winter side. These keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. We turn the mattress depending on the season, but you must be careful not to damage the mattress while turning.

There are also specific rules about replacing the bed linen. Replacing weekly is the golden rule. When buying bedding, it is fine to spend an extra euro if it means quality. The choice of bedding affects the condition of the mattress. If you buy sheets that do not breathe, you will quickly get warm and sweat. This means that all that excess moisture is absorbed into the mattress, which, among other things, creates an unpleasant odor that is difficult to get rid of.

Air, air, air.

Do you ever wonder if you are pampering your mattress enough?

Unfortunately, mattresses cannot go directly into the washing machine. Fortunately, there are other methods. The most common method is to turn the mattress over a few times a year and then vacuum it thoroughly. It is also nice to wash the mattress covers once or twice a year. Please pay attention to the instructions. Do not use a tumble dryer as this will make it difficult to get the cover back on the mattress. While the cover is working, use a damp cloth and wipe the mattress. After this, let it dry as quickly as possible, preferably with the help of the sun.

If the mattress doesn't have a removable cover, vacuum the whole thing and then go over it with a damp cloth. The steps are pretty much the same. If stains appear on the mattress, you need to be quick. Use lukewarm water and a drop of detergent and use a sponge to dab the area until it is gone. Do not rub, as this will only push the dust further into the mattress. Of course, the mattress must also be thoroughly dried afterwards. You can also buy special coverings that prevent moisture from creeping into the mattress.

People often ask: why do I need to clean my mattress at all?

We only sleep on it, right? And this is usually after showering or washing? Technically there shouldn't be any dust. The reality is different. Mattresses hold a lot. Think of dust, dirt, food remains, skin and hair. This builds up as the mattress ages. Maintenance ensures that this stubborn dirt does not creep too deep into your mattress. Because once it is too late, there is no other option than to replace the mattress. Or is there another option? And that's where deep cleaning comes in.

Deepclean for the best results

You have probably seen a very powerful vacuum cleaner that is intended for carpets, seat cushions or mattresses. However, these devices are often very expensive, and they actually work only sparingly. We recommend having this done by a professional. They have the right knowledge and equipment to make your mattress look like new again. It is better to spend some money on cleaning every now and then than to buy such a device yourself. Various specialty stores and services offer this option.


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