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This is how you buy mattresses

Matrassen kopen doe je zo

This is how you buy mattresses

Are you going to buy new mattresses? Then a challenge awaits you! Where should you start? And above all: which type of mattress is the best mattress for you?

Perfectmatras has conducted research into the experience that people have after purchasing a mattress. And guess what? 50% of people who have bought a mattress in a store in the past 10 years have doubts about their purchase afterwards. As many as 66% indicate that the seller could not provide the correct information, which prevented them from making the right choice. People apparently feel that they cannot make a good choice. But how can you make the best choice?

Buy mattresses. What should you pay attention to?

1. Support

The most important thing about a mattress is that it has enough to offer for your body. Your body needs support from a mattress at the right points. Your spine recovers during the night. That is why it is important that it lies in a naturally upright position. Do you have pain in your back or neck when you lie in bed? Then there is a good chance that your mattress does not provide sufficient support.

2. Firmness

Firmness is about the hardness of the mattress. There are soft, medium and hard mattresses . If you sleep on a mattress and you feel too much pressure on your body, your mattress is probably too hard. People often think that a comfortable mattress is soft. Nothing could be further from the truth: a harder mattress can also feel very comfortable. For example, with foam that causes you to sink slightly into the mattress. Whether you ultimately choose a hard or soft mattress depends on what you like. You need to be able to lie down relaxed to sleep well.

3. Temperature

The temperature of your mattress is determined by the ventilation. The more air flow is possible, the cooler the mattress remains. But ventilation is also very important for the hygiene of your mattress. You lose a lot of fluid at night. That moisture absorbs into your mattress and if the mattress does not have good air circulation, this is a fantastic breeding ground for mold. So airing your bed regularly is important. Are you going to buy mattresses? In any case, take hygiene into account by purchasing a well-ventilated mattress.

4. Price

We think this is an important point at Solo Home and you probably do too! The most expensive mattresses are not always the best mattresses to buy. The consumer association has confirmed this. You often pay for a brand name and trendy technical gadgets that do not necessarily benefit your night's sleep. We don't think that is entirely fair and honesty is the best policy. That is why we opt for a competitive price for good quality.

Buy mattresses without hassle!

Okay, this will help you anyway. But, let's be honest, do you already know which type of mattress to choose? There are so many different types of mattresses for sale! Solo Home now has the solution. We have used our expertise to make mattress shopping easier! As a person you go through different phases in your life. Each phase has different needs. You simply have to buy different mattresses for a child than for an adult. Solo Home has developed a mattress for every stage of life. And all mattresses we develop naturally offer good support and ventilation. We help you make the right choice with our expertise. How can you ensure that the right mattress comes to your home?

Buy your perfect mattresses.

Once you have found the Perfect mattress for you on our website, you can order it online. This way you don't have to scour those big stores, but you can buy mattresses in a few minutes, in your pajamas if you want! You choose the correct size, click on order and fill in your details. Once you have paid, you will receive an order confirmation. At that time, your mattress will be prepared for shipment. You will receive a track and trace code with which you can see when your mattress will be delivered.

Well, great, but of course there is one small point. How do you get that large mattress on top of your bed?

Buy conveniently packaged mattresses.

To ensure that you don't have a gigantic mattress in your hallway that you then have to lug up the stairs, we package our mattresses in a special way. This packaging also ensures that the mattresses are protected during transport. Perfectmatras mattresses are vacuum packed and rolled up. As a result, the package that you receive at home is a lot smaller than the mattress actually is. So you can take your mattress upstairs under your arm! In addition, this packaging is also safe. A mattress is a hygiene-sensitive product. That is why you cannot return the mattress if you break the seal. This way we ensure that you are assured that you will receive a new and clean mattress.

Sometimes customers ask whether this method of packaging is bad for the mattress, because that is sometimes said on the internet. We have conducted numerous tests and it has shown that our packaging method does not damage the quality of the mattresses. The consumer association has also done these tests and came up with the same result; no damage. Shall we give you one last tip? Your mattress is therefore vacuum packed. Therefore, open the plastic and give it at least 48 hours to regain its volume. Then you will sleep wonderfully! If you can't wait to get on your new mattress, know that it will feel a lot harder on the first night than it actually is.

Are you curious about which mattress we have selected for you?

The Foam Mattress Rookie © is the best choice for children and young people.

The Pocket Spring Mattress Life © mattress is the best choice for adults who want to rest after a tiring day.

The Bonell Mattress Evergreen © mattress is the best mattress for people who like trusted, firm quality.

The Latex Mattress Relax © mattress is the best choice for people who love luxury.


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