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Our favorite pocket spring mattresses!

Onze favoriete pocketveringmatrassen!

Best pocket spring mattress: these are our favorites

What is the best pocket spring mattress ? We looked it up for you and listed all our favorites for you. Because especially when you have to spend a lot of time indoors and have extra time on your hands, you can start thinking about your bedroom. Does your bed need a refresher? Choose a new pocket spring mattress!

If you are looking for a new mattress for your bed, one of the most popular mattress types is the pocket spring mattress . And that is not surprising, because everyone can sleep wonderfully on this type of mattress. And there are many choices when it comes to pocket spring mattresses. And that may also be a disadvantage, because with all those good mattresses you may no longer see the forest for the trees. There is so much choice and every mattress has its own nice properties. How do you find the mattress that really suits you? Don't worry, we will help you! We list all our favorites for you. This way you will certainly find the best pocket spring mattress. Are you reading along?

The best pocket spring mattresses

But first this: what is a pocket spring mattress actually? Well, very easy: a mattress made with pocket springs. And even more precisely: pocket springs are loosely packed springs that all adapt individually to your body. This means that each spring responds to the pressure of your body. This sensitive suspension adapts immediately to every movement you make. Do you often change positions while sleeping? No problem, the support of the mattress changes with you! And that means you sleep wonderfully comfortably: because you feel that support everywhere! Your body is kept in the right position all night long. That means: fewer back problems!

Our favorites?

Here they come: the best pocket spring mattresses . Because there really is something for everyone. The pocket spring mattress Life has a special anti-allergenic cover that can be zipped off. Very useful if you suffer a lot from allergies or dust. The cover provides an extra layer of protection against all kinds of dirt that wants to penetrate your mattress. Useful!

And how about a combination of pocket springs with cold foam ? Even more support is the result of this mix. Very nice if you are a bit heavier. You will immediately feel the difference: you will suffer much less from your joints due to the perfect support. A pocket spring mattress with memory foam is of course also an option. This reversible mattress withstands cold and heat and is really comfortable.

Do you want ultimate relaxation? Then choose the Relax mattress with latex: one of the best pocket spring mattresses. It is a dream combination of two different materials. Latex on one side: nice and sturdy. The latex ensures that the pressure on your body is reduced. On the other side is a softer layer of foam: that feels like sleeping on a cloud! The combination of the warmer latex and the cool foam is ideal. And the core of pocket springs completes this mattress, of course!

Which do you choose?

Now you have the best pocket spring mattresses at a glance. All mattresses can be ordered in our webshop. Which mattress will you go for?


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