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Our cheap velvet chairs steal the show!

Onze goedkope velvet stoelen stelen de show!

Chairs are ideally suited to give your home more atmosphere. Chairs are not only indispensable in your interior, but also come in so many different styles and types that you can always find the right match. For example, we are quite fans of the revival of velvet ! In this blog you can read all about our cheap velvet chairs and how you can best combine these chairs with the rest of your interior. Velvet, or in good Dutch velvet, used to be the fabric worn by the elite. Fortunately, this is no longer the case these days and we can all enjoy this fantastic substance. In fact, at Solo Home you can enjoy a beautiful velvet chair very cheaply! Because we are an online company, we do not need stores and showrooms. This saves us a lot of costs, allowing us to offer our products for a lower price. The only thing we don't want to skimp on is quality, because we believe that good designs should be available to everyone.

Chic and cheap velvet chairs

Velvet originally comes from Asia, but came to Europe at a very early age. And the elite of that time knew immediately that they would never want anything else. Don't blame them, because velvet is very soft because of the way it is woven. Anyone who could afford a canal house in Amsterdam used to walk around in a velvet outfit. We are very happy that velvet is no longer just used for clothes, because you can also make fantastic furniture from it. Velvet furniture immediately creates a fantastic atmosphere in your home. The chairs have a beautiful and stately appearance. But the benefits don't stop there. Because the fabric is not only very soft and shiny, but can also change color slightly. The weaving technique allows you to change the color dynamics of the fabric by rubbing the fabric. As a result, your chair will never look the same again.

Nice combination

Velvet can be combined very well with other colors of velvet. That may sound a bit crazy, but imagine the following: you want a new set of chairs around your dining table, but you think it would be fun to combine different colors. Then our cheap velvet chairs are the perfect match for you! Because velvet has a nice and soft appearance and creates a luxurious atmosphere, it is very easy to place different colors of velvet next to each other. Choose colors that complement each other well and turn your dining table into something to behold! Velvet chairs are not only nice for the dining room, but also look great in the living room. A velvet chair in a well-chosen place in the living room makes you suddenly feel like you're in a chic hotel! Not only do you have a chair that has a very luxurious look, but also a chair that is very comfortable.

Complete your interior!

Fortunately, velvet cannot only be combined with velvet. To complete your interior, you can combine velvet furniture with beautiful metals. Think of gold or bronze, because that creates a nice luxurious look! Would you rather go for something cooler? This can also be done with velvet. Then go for darker colors, such as gray or black metal. If that's not quite your thing, you can also choose to combine our cheap velvet chairs with beautiful types of wood. This creates a warm appearance and a nice homely atmosphere.


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