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Round wooden side table: this is why you want one too

Ronde houten bijzettafel: dit is waarom jij er ook een wilt

Are you also looking for a round wooden side table? We understand why! This versatile all-rounder fits into any interior! Did you know that a natural look in your home can even reduce stress? Solo Home tells you all about it. Are you reading along? Side tables are everywhere. Your living room can no longer function without it! And the great thing is: it fits both in a large room and in a smaller living room. Do you have a lot of space? Then you choose a slightly larger model. Or how about a combination of different side tables? In a smaller living room, go for a narrower model. One slightly larger side table radiates more tranquility than two small ones together. And yes, what can't you actually use a side table for? Place it near the sofa for all your snacks and drinks for a wonderful relaxing evening. Is no one watching? Then you can also put your feet on it, we won't tell anyone! You can also use it to brighten up a boring corner, to put up your most beautiful plants or perhaps a nice decoration item. Endless possibilities! And how about that lounge chair by the way? It could also use a side table. Or put them next to your bed instead of bedside tables. Also fun!

Round wooden side tables: bring nature indoors

Did you know that humans feel at their best in nature? That is our 'natural' environment. It is therefore not such a bad idea to bring nature indoors. That is the idea behind 'biophilic design'. This interior movement is based on man's need to be in contact with nature. Outside, but also inside. This movement therefore advocates an interior in which you see many natural elements. A wooden round side table would fit in perfectly! Research also shows that people feel less stress in a natural environment. Companies are increasingly responding to this! The idea is that people are more productive in a natural working environment. But what about hospitals and schools? A natural appearance can also have important advantages there. But back to our own home. Because you also want to feel your best there, right? Try using the core values ​​of biophilic design! For example, by putting lots of plants in your house. But of course it goes a lot further than just that. Sunlight is also very important, so try to create as much light as possible! And what about natural shapes and materials? That's where wood comes into play. Perfect for that nice natural look!


But then you have to use good wood. We find sustainability very important and therefore always check carefully where our wood comes from. This way you can be sure that we only work with wood from controlled forestry and never with wood from illegal forestry. We therefore pay extra attention to the origin of our materials. That is why our side tables are always made sustainably from environmentally friendly wood. Fine, right?

Unique side tables

All our round wooden side tables are unique. That is the advantage of a natural product! Not only do you have that stylish and calm appearance, but also a piece of furniture that is truly one of a kind. Just as two trees can never be the same, neither are our tables. And what about the sturdiness? We have thought of that too! All round wooden side tables can take a beating and last a long time.


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