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Buying a coffee table: this is what you should pay attention to

Salontafel kopen: hier moet je op letten

Great, you're going to buy a new coffee table ! Then you will soon notice that there is a lot of choice. Also at Solo Home! And that's nice, because then you can be sure that you will always find the perfect coffee table for your interior. But what should you actually pay attention to when purchasing? How do you really choose the very best coffee table? Solo Home explains it to you.

We can't do without a nice coffee table , right? Where else should you put your snacks and delicious drinks? And that bowl of chips for a relaxing Netflix evening? And then we haven't even talked about accessories and decoration items that we also like to put on it. A tea light, vase with flowers or perhaps that one beautiful coffee table book. A coffee table may not seem like the most important piece of furniture in your home, but it is often the focal point of the living room! So you definitely want to pay attention to that, right? So looking for the perfect coffee table. At Solo Home we have them in all shapes and sizes. Large , small , square , round , high, low, made of metal and wood: you will find it all in our large range. But are you going to buy a coffee table ? Then you first want to know what fits best in your living room. We will help you determine what type of table is perfect for you. We will explain everything to you about material, shapes and style. So you can easily make the right choice!

This is how you buy coffee tables

First of all, you look at the available space. Do you have a lot of space? Then you can also opt for a slightly larger coffee table . A very small table next to a large sofa often looks a bit cramped. So just go for a real statement piece that suits the space. Do you have a lot of straight, square shapes in your living room? Then go for a round coffee table for a surprising effect! And the other way around, of course: mix a square table with a round-shaped chair, for example. In a larger living room you can also opt for several small tables together. For example in a matching set. But of course you can also go for a few different side tables for a very creative effect. Is your living room a bit smaller and are you looking for a coffee table that does not look too big? Then go for a more subtle one. Massive coffee tables look very heavy and fill up the space completely, so that might not be such a good idea. But a table with slender legs or transparent elements, for example, looks very space-saving. If the table fits nicely with the rest of the interior, the whole will immediately look a lot calmer and more spacious. Handy, right?

Which material do I choose?

If you are going to buy a coffee table , you also have to choose the material. Are you looking for a warm and cozy effect? Then go for a wooden table. Dark wood gives your living room a nice vintage effect. Personal and unique! The lighter types of wood are very reminiscent of a minimalist and Scandinavian design . This gives your living room a calm and sleek appearance, but always with a warm touch. And then of course we also have rattan: a material with a wonderfully natural appearance. Bring the outside in! But what about metal? This fits perfectly in a living room with an industrial touch. Tough and robust! But did you know that a metal coffee table is not only beautiful in a raw and masculine interior? This material also fits perfectly in a softer and modern style. Then combine it with calm colors such as white and beige and simple shapes and lines. An oasis of peace, but super stylish!

Which coffee table are you going to buy?

Have you already decided how big your coffee table should be? And from what material? Then take a look at our large range and find the coffee table of your dreams .


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