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Types of dining table legs: Cross leg, U leg, H leg

Soorten eettafel poten: Kruispoot, U poot, H poot

Everything about H-legs, X-legs & U-legs for dining tables.

Cross-leg dining tables are a classic model, often seen in ancient Egyptian paintings. U-leg tables are found in the Middle East, China and Asia in general. It is interesting to compare cross-leg and u-leg models of dining tables: their way of providing space is different; but what is important is that they are both ideal for the dining room. H-leg design looks like an "H" letter. We can say the same about the X-leg & U-leg design, but it looks more like an "X" or "U" than an "H".

The cross leg adds visual depth to a dining table and is often the focal point of your home.

The cross leg is a design element that first appeared in furniture in the 17th century. Although it was introduced as a way to create more space on the surface of dining tables, over time this design element has become the focal point of many well-known tables.

U-legs are an interesting alternative to the traditional H-leg, and very original in your interior.

U-legs are an interesting alternative to the traditional H-leg, and very original in your interior. U-legs are used to support a table or other piece of furniture from below, creating a floating effect. U-legs can be used in almost any room in the house, but they are especially suitable in living rooms and kitchens where you want to create an airy and spacious feeling.

An H-leg is shorter than a cross base, but much sturdier.

The H-leg is a type of leg that is shorter than a cross leg. It is usually used for tables and chairs because it is much sturdier than other types of legs.

There are many things to consider when choosing legs for your dining table.

When purchasing a new dining room table, the intention is often to make an investment. After all, this table will probably be one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home. It is therefore important to think carefully about what suits you before purchasing. Is the table top made of wood or veneer? Good quality wood can make a difference when it comes to strength, durability and appearance.


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