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Buying chairs: what should I pay attention to?

Stoelen kopen: waar moet ik op letten?

Are you going to renovate your dining area? There is a good chance that you will also buy new chairs . That can sometimes be a difficult job: because there is so much choice! Great, because then you can be sure that your ideal chair is among them. But how do you know what to pay attention to when buying chairs ? Solo Home has sorted it out for you and has listed it all for you in this blog. Here you can read all about the perfect seat height, seat depth and combination with your dining table . Are you reading along? Nothing is as important as nice dining room chairs. Because if you've had a busy day, you just want to relax afterwards. And that starts at the kitchen table during dinner. Let's chat in detail about the day and enjoy delicious food. Then it is important that you are comfortable, right? You don't want to have back problems or sit on a chair that is too hard. Chairs that just don't fit your table or your own posture are also very annoying. So it is important that you pay attention to all these things when you buy a chair. Because if you have the chair that is precisely tailored to your requirements, you can only be sure that you can have a delicious breakfast every morning and effortlessly manage ten courses during dinners with friends. And that second game of Risk? That is not a problem if you are sitting comfortably. Bring it on!

Buying a chair: which dimensions are important?

If you are going to buy a chair , you naturally pay attention to the dimensions of your chair. Not only the height, but also the seat height and depth. In addition, the height of the armrests is also important. Most chairs have a seat height of 43 to 46 centimeters. The ideal width of a chair is 46 to 59 centimeters. Chairs without armrests are often less wide than chairs that do have armrests. Handy to take into account if you want to place several chairs next to each other at the table! The height of a chair is again important if you want to calculate whether the chair fits under the table. Usually you want to leave a space of about 2 centimeters between the armrest and the table top, so that you can still fit your hand in between. Great if you want to pull up or grab the chair!

Determine seat height

The seat height is extremely important for seating comfort when buying a chair . This has everything to do with your sitting position. For example, you always want to keep your spine in its natural curve. What does that look like? Just sit upright against the back of the chair. Does your back have a slight concavity? Perfect! In addition, it is important that your feet can be flat on the ground and your knees have an angle of 90 degrees. This means your thighs are not put under too much strain. So are you a little smaller? Then you also need a lower seat height. Otherwise you might not be able to put your feet on the ground. And that's not nice! Taller people need a higher seat height, so that they can still make that 90-degree angle with their knees as much as possible. And then we also have to talk about the seat depth. Because here too, the shorter your legs, the shorter the chair ideally is. For longer thighs it is nice to also have a longer seat. Then you distribute your weight better over your legs.

Does the chair match the table?

Are you going to buy a chair ? Then it is of course important that you adjust the chair to your own posture, but after that it must also match the table. Not only in terms of style, but also in terms of dimensions. If you have a higher table, low chairs will not be as comfortable. And of course not the other way around. It is also important that you take the length of your table into account. Calculate carefully how many chairs can fit at the table! Also take the table legs into account. Usually they are located exactly in the corner of the table, but you also have tables where the legs are more inward and tables that may also have a leg in the middle. As a result, there may be fewer chairs at that table.


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