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Teak table: the perfect natural look

Teak tafeltje: de perfecte natuurlijke uitstraling

A teak table is the perfect addition to your interior. Side tables are not only super handy, but also very stylish. The natural appearance of this piece of furniture transforms your living room into an oasis of peace. Solo Home explains why that natural look is so nice for your home.

A house really can't do without a side table . Why would you stick to one? These tables have so many functions, you can really place them anywhere. You can stylishly furnish a larger space with a teak table as well as a smaller living room. If you have a lot of space, you can combine several together, for example. Not blessed with a huge living room? Then just choose the most beautiful one! The advantage of these small tables is that they are very light and easy to move. Place them near the couch for your snacks and drinks during a movie night, or next to that easy chair for your cup of coffee. But of course you can also use them to show off your most beautiful decorations. Beautiful photo frames, a nice plant for perhaps some cozy candles: everything looks good on a side table . Easily brighten up a boring corner! And what about the bedroom? Who says you can't use a teak table as a bedside table?

Teak tables: nature for indoors

Man feels at his best in nature. And that is not surprising, because although we secretly spend more time indoors these days, nature is actually our 'natural' environment. That's why you always feel nice and relaxed outside! Are you already familiar with the interior movement 'biophilic design'? It assumes that humans always want to be in contact with nature. Outside, but certainly also inside. This means that you like to be surrounded by natural elements in your own home or workplace. Just think of sunlight, plants and natural materials. A teak table fits perfectly!

For example, companies use biophilic design by designing their workplaces as green as possible with all kinds of natural elements. Research shows that people experience much less stress in such an environment! And those who have little stress also work harder! And how about a natural look in a hospital or doctor's practice? This also brings advantages. But back to our own home: we don't want any stress there either. So use the core values ​​of biophilic design and create your own oasis of peace with a teak table. Let that sunlight come in and make sure there are lots of natural materials such as wood on display.

Sustainable wood

Teak wood is a beautiful product for making furniture. It has a stylish appearance and is also very durable. Did you know that it was often used in shipbuilding, including luxury yachts? That proves that teak is a classy wood, right? Wood is also a really beautiful material for making furniture. But as you know, illegal logging is bad for the earth. That is why we always take great care to ensure that we only use wood that has been sustainably produced. This way we know for sure that all our teak tables are environmentally friendly. This way you can enjoy our beautiful natural products without having to worry about the environment. Fine, right?

Unique product

And did you know that all our wooden tables are truly unique? That is the advantage of a natural product! No tree is the same and therefore our teak tables are also one of a kind. This way you can be sure that no one has the same table. So nice and original!


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