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Time for a dining room chair

Tijd voor een eetkamerfauteuil

Are you a bit tired of your dining area? Then it's time for a change! Did you know that you can create a completely different look with a set of new dining room chairs ? By just replacing the chairs, you seem to have a whole new dining area! That sounds good, right? Today we will show you which different dining room chairs there are and how you can best combine them. With a good dining room chair you can really make a difference in your dining area. Because precisely because you sit at the dining table so often, you really want to make a picture of it. This is the room in your home where you want to feel completely comfortable and where the interior should really suit you. So choose not only a nice, but also a very beautiful dining room chair . Let's also talk about comfort, because that is just as important as looks. You often sit in a dining room chair like this, so you just want it to be nice and comfortable. There is nothing more annoying than a chair where your back immediately starts to hurt, or where your feet just can't quite reach the ground. It is therefore very important that you have a chair in which you can adopt the correct sitting position. This means that your spine retains its natural curve, but also that you can stand with your feet flat on the ground when your knees are at a 90-degree angle. If you are smaller, you sometimes need a smaller chair. Are you bigger? Then a chair that is a bit higher is best.

What is a dining room chair?

Armchair sounds incredibly chic, but is just another word for chair. A dining room chair is simply a dining room chair. However, this name is often used for dining room chairs that are slightly more chic or feel more luxurious than the regular wooden chair. For example, consider a chair made of velvet or with wonderfully comfortable armrests. A super comfortable and stylish dining room chair! We show you the different types of dining room chairs there are. Are you reading along?

Scandinavian design

Do you want to give your dining area a calm and minimalist atmosphere? Then a chair with a Scandinavian design is perfect! These chairs combine a beautiful fabric upholstery in light colors such as white, cream or light gray with wooden legs. Pastel colors also work well! This creates a spacious and tidy look, which is still very attractive due to the wood accents.

Tough leather

Could it be a little cooler? How about a leather upholstery ? Perfect for an industrial or vintage interior. The leather upholstery not only looks super chic, but also gives your dining area that really robust look. For example, this combines nicely with colors such as brown, black or dark green. And also nice: the smooth surface makes leather very easy to clean. Handy with children!

Natural rattan

Do you want that natural and attractive look? Then choose a dining room armchair made of rattan . This durable material gives your dining area a quiet, but warm atmosphere. Cosy, but also stylish. You can complete these chairs yourself with, for example, a nice cushion. This way you can be sure that you will really feel comfortable in your new purchase!

Hotel chic

Are you going for that real luxurious feeling of a chic boutique hotel? Choose velor chairs . This way you can easily create that ultimate chic feeling. This velvety fabric feels nice and heavy and changes color beautifully when you rub it. You will never want to get up from an armchair made of this soft fabric!


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