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Tips for finding the right children's bed

Tips voor het vinden van het juiste kinderbed

Buying a children's bed: this is what you should pay attention to

Buying a children's bed is not always easy. Of course, you want your child to sleep like a baby in a comfortable, but also safe bed. What should you pay attention to when purchasing a children's bed? We give you the most important tips.

Children's beds come in many shapes and sizes. And that choice is only becoming wider! The range is getting bigger and bigger and also more varied. Of course, that can also cause choice stress. Do you want to buy a children's bed? Then you should pay attention to the following points. Of course, safety is the most important thing. But in addition, a good children's bed must also be able to withstand a blow. The price-quality ratio is also important. Useful to know: a children's bed may often seem very cheap, but it is supplied without a mattress or slatted base, which makes the total price more expensive.

Buy a safe children's bed

Safety comes first. Always. This also applies to children's beds! You don't want your child to fall out of a bunk bed or hit his head on protruding parts. If you are going to buy a children's bed, make sure that the bed has rounded corners. You're less likely to get hurt that way. And are the screws securely attached so that they no longer protrude? This way you can let your children sleep and play in the bed with peace of mind.

You can tell that a cot is safe if it meets EU safety standards. It is also important that a bed has been tested by the well-known German testing institute TÜV. You can also pay attention to the materials used. Are they environmentally friendly and is the paint water-based? This way you can be sure that your child's bed meets all requirements!

A bed that can take a beating

Children play a lot and wildly. Also in their bedroom. So are you going to buy a cot? Make sure that the bed can take a beating. Jumping on your bed should therefore be possible without immediately breaking it. So make sure that the bed is made of sturdy materials. Also useful if you are moving or want to move your furniture often. This way you buy a children's bed that is durable and that you can enjoy for a long time. A real quality bed that will survive even the busiest sleepovers.

Children's bed as a complete set

Of course, you also pay attention to the price of the bed you are going to buy. The price-quality ratio simply has to be good. But did you know that many stores offer children's beds without a mattress and slatted base? Then it may seem like a bargain, but you still have to look for matching parts. And you don't want that. So you prefer to buy a children's bed as a complete set. Then you simply have all the parts at home at once and you immediately know what you are spending on the total package. Much nicer!

Find your child's bed at Solo Home

Want to buy a children's bed ? At Solo Home we sell a wide range of children's beds in all shapes and sizes. All our cots are TÜV certified. We also supply all children's beds from our range with a free mattress and slatted base, so that you always have a complete set.


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